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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Freelance Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated once a year. However, if a child thinks that its parents are good, it will celebrate Father’s Day and Mother’s Day every day. My sister and I are 2 such people. After we shifted to this place, we think God has bestowed a divine couple as ...

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Vani wants to Grow her own Food and Live a Sustainable Life

Vani Murthy with her Plants

We at A Journalist Reveals have been on the lookout for people using environmentally friendly methods for various processes required in our life. One of the requirements was organic farming. It so happened that my own cousin sister, my paternal aunt’s daughter is into it. Vani Murthy was inspired by ...

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What if we eat Excess of Macros?

Excess of food can cause discomfort and health issues

We have been told time and again that we should have enough of the Macros in our diet. But, our estimate is often wrong and we end up having less or more of one of them. We have a general idea of what happens if we have less of some ...

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Painter Anita Narain – Lucky to Have Supportive In-laws

Painter Anita Narain

Oscar Wilde once said, “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.” Likewise Chitra Visharad (BFA from Chandigarh), Anita Narain is a painter to reckon with. Having given the Government of Maharashtra exam and being a state and national awardee does ...

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Thinking about Future is Too Much Thinking – Smita Jaykar

Smita Jaykar

Smita Jaykar has an actor’s personality to reckon with. She debuted several years ago in the acting field and is still going strong. A Journalist Reveals was in conversation with her on twitter and wanted to interview her. She shared her phone number and we contacted her for a tête-à-tête. ...

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Botany – Career-Opportunities Restricted to our own Creativity

Dr Sheetal Pachpande

Botany is considered to be a dud as far as career-opportunities are concerned. Both Yashaswini and I being post-graduates in Botany, we found it depressing to note this. When A Journalist Reveals started out looking for environmental entrepreneurs to be covered by our website, we wanted to know how could ...

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Epilepsy-Myths Busted

Dr. Sonal Gupta, Senior Neurosurgeon, Max Healthcare, Pitampura

Mom and I were recently watching a teleserial where someone got epileptic fits and the seizure was stopped when a bunch of keys was handed over to that person. Since then I have been wondering the significance of the treatment. We contacted Neurosurgeon from Max Pitampura Delhi, Dr. Sonal Gupta, ...

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That Good Ugly Day

A soon to be launched web series That Good Ugly Day is not going to be a regular web series in terms of endorsing origination and cherishing talent. With an intention to produce and showcase shocking incidents with zero fiction plotting, Ajay Rajpal – model, fashion entrepreneur, actor and producer ...

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My Dad

My Parents at Tirupati

Yesterday, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. He stepped into his 84th year yesterday. Mom and Dad have played very important roles in the lives of both of us sisters. His strictness and his trust on Mom that she would bring us up properly; have been the reasons we turned out ...

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