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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

Sampat Shukravara (Part II)

Sampat Shukravara

Thus, Brahmin’s family covered all the gift items and the food and they remained fasting the whole day having only fruits and milk. That day got over waiting for the woman. That night none of them sleep and insist that the youngest daughter-in-law did not call the woman properly. The ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part X)

Radha turned with relief to see a police officer come into the room with Vishwanath and a hoard of constables. “You, ok, Radha?” Keshav and Vishwanath asked her together. “I am good. How did you get here, Vishwa?” “I heard an explosion and came out to check. All the lights ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part IX)

“Ye…,” Keshav was in time to clamp her mouth shut. But, the commotion brought one of the guards outside. He was the same man, who had seen her on the balcony of the resort, some time back! “Miss Radha Srinivasan, ace investigative reporter from The True Story, welcome. I also ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part VIII)

All the lights in and around the mansion instantly went off. As Keshav pulled her up and started running away from the point of impact, along the fence, she realized the reason behind this act. The only way they could get into the grounds was through the fence. The fence ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part VII)

Radha ran to the balcony near her room overlooking the Sethi estate. The scream petered out into the sound of a large object starting to burn. There was light in the room directly in front of her. But, before she could understand what was happening a uniformed guard from the ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part VI)

“I want you to tell me what are you working on.” “No, I can’t… Ok. Some days back an equipment was stolen from the army base in Kalina, Mumbai.” “And the equipment emits radiation?” “Yeah, when Mr. Arora the resort owner told us about the mysterious happenings here, I figured…” ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part V)

“Radha, you’re married?” Vishwanath asked, quizzically. “I didn’t know that.” “Me neither… I mean, I just got married. Keshav, will you please excuse me. I want to speak to Vishwa in private for a minute.” “Ok,” Keshav said slowly looking at Vishwanath head to toe once. “Come back to the ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part IV)

“I will not stay with you in one room,” Radha put her foot down. “And attract everybody’s attention? No, Ma’am,” he seemed to be enjoying it. “But, you can take the bed. I’ll take the couch, at night.” He had her in a bad position, but, she couldn’t help it, ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part III)

Radha added for the benefit of Asha, “The True Story got involved when the resort owner, a very good friend of Mr. Iyer, asked my editor to send a reporter. Because of the lackadaisical attitude of the police department, he was on the verge of losing his business.” “Ma’am, only ...

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The Amnesiac! (Part II)

“Speak to the editor. That’s the way you usually work around problems,” Radha turned her face away from the senior inspector. The editor told Keshav that Aakash had been given a very dangerous assignment. He was investigating certain mysterious happenings in a place just outside the city limits near Thane ...

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