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Kishori Amonkar-The Doyen of Classical Music

Kishori Amonkar is no more. It is not easy to believe as I had met Kishori Amonkar Madam a few years ago for an interview for a local art magazine. She was an amicable and affectionate lady. I wanted to interview her for A Journalist Reveals. I lost the chance ...

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Aparna Mishra is an Inspiration to All!

Aparna Mishra

Despite a birth defect in her left foot, Aparna Mishra struggled to reach the position of the director of a Kathak institute. Armed with a management degree and a post-graduation in Kathak, she worked with corporate companies while running her own institute, Kala Saadhna. Here is a small tête-à-tête with the Kathak ...

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My Mother is my First Guru-Brinda Roy Chowdhury

Brinda Roy Chowdhury

She wants to learn instrumental music as well after conquering the vocal category. That’s the classical singer Brinda Roy Chowdhury for you. Having had her Taalim on various forms of music like Rabindra Sangeet, Nazrulgeeti, Atulprasadi, Rajanikanto, Geet and pure classical from Ms. Krishna Dasgupta, she was also trained in ...

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Special Children Also Perform Well!

Special Children Dancing

“Of all the achievements, the association all of us at Instyle are most proud of is the one we have forged with the Blind People’s Association (BPA), a well-known NGO based in Ahmedabad,” says Ahmedabad-based dance choreographer and teacher Hiren Patel. A member of International Dance Council (CID), Hiren Patel ...

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The Princess on the Stage!


Remember the story about a princess, who left her palace, in peasant clothes, to be with her subjects? I is reminded of that story, ‘The Princess on the Street’, when I am told about Kcalpana Bhushan Takyar, the dancing princess. Kcalpana comes from a princely family and has a good ...

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