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Mahalaya Amavasya

L to R: My Parents, my Uncle and his wife

Yesterday, North Indians performed Pitru Visarjan Amavasya. It was Chaturdashi in the morning and Amavasya came in the evening. So, South Indians are celebrating Amavasya today, since it is in the morning. This morning, they are celebrating Sarva Pitru Amavasya in South Indian Mathas since it needs a lot of ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar (IVth and Concluding Part)

Pooja with my Aunt

The hospital where Pooja was being treated sent for the valve from abroad. They got a size bigger valve. Initially, the hospital told the Dhabolkars that they would send it back and ask for the right size of the valve. They also said that it would take about 15-20 days ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar (Part III)

My Aunt Gifted a Doll to Pooja

My aunt told them to take the mother to a good psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist. She also advised them to take her to as many temples as possible. My aunt also added, “Tell her that the child was with her for 5 years at least. Many parents lose their ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar (Part II)

The doctors told the parents clearly then, that they had not thought the child would not live till 5 years of age since the case was complicated. But, the doctors told them that the child might not survive the operation and also told them to let him live as long ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar

My aunt received information from a small town. A couple, after several years, got a male child. One astrologer had predicted that this couple had no children in their fate. If a child would be born, there will be some defect in it. The astrologer advised them to adopt a ...

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Natural Calamities

Bhuj Earthquake Relief

Recently, floods struck Bihar and Gujarat. During such calamities, initially, people go out of the way to help the calamity-struck people. After a few days, the public interest dwindles. But, the calamity-struck people have to wait for several years to recover completely. In such times, some NGO-affiliated people go to ...

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Father’s Day

Father of the Nation

Today is a very auspicious day – Father’s Day. The Creator Lord Brahma is the father of Hindus. Similarly, father is the creator of the family. Today, I think of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He would wear an only salt-washed white dhoti. He would walk with a stick, ...

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Think it Over

Wealth does not make a Person Rich

1. Education, knowledge, old age and wisdom are the 4 riches one can get only through good Karma. 2. Heritage, wealth and riches do not make a person rich. The real wealth comes from good parents, good wife, and good children. 3. When you become related to a liar, he ...

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Think it Over

Lie Needs Thousand Mouths to Survive

1. A lie needs a thousand mouths to survive. But, truth needs only one mouth since God is with it. 2. When a literate comes across a fool and is overtaken by the latter, he will face his end by the fool, himself. 3. A liar can survive for a ...

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Don’t Compare me with Others

Nalini Asks

“Look at upstairs’ Kishore. He is good at studies. Be like him. Look at our next-door neighbor Neeta. She is good at hockey. Be like her. Look at Srilata from the neighboring building. She is good at music. Be like her. Your friend Kavya is a good orator. Be like ...

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