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Indian Republic Day

Bharat Mata

Today is our 69th Republic Day. On this day in 1950, we became a Sovereign Democratic Republic. Bharat Mata was in chains and she was partly freed on August 15, 1947. On this day 69 years back, all the chains were removed. Or that’s what we thought. But, no. Women ...

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Courier Women!

Courier Woman - Bharti Mahto and her Daughter Jui.

I often buy products online and I’ve been an Amazon regular. On a Sunday, we were expecting a packet. The doorbell rang and we saw a lady and her teenage daughter standing in front of us. The lady said that she had bought a packet ordered by me through Amazon. ...

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Indian Army Day

Photo Only for Representative Purpose

Today, Indian Army is celebrating the 70th Army Day. This day commemorates the then Lieutenant General Kodandera M Cariappa taking over the command of the Indian Army as the Commander-in-chief from General Sir Francis Butcher, in 1949. New Delhi and other headquarters see parades and other military shows happening at ...

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January 1, 2018

Friends, today I would like to share something about the first day of this New Year. On December 31st last year, we decided to retire early and in the morning get up early at 5 to watch the Tirupati TV channel for different spiritual programs. But, we could not hit ...

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Mahalaya Amavasya

Yesterday, North Indians performed Pitru Visarjan Amavasya. It was Chaturdashi in the morning and Amavasya came in the evening. So, South Indians are celebrating Amavasya today, since it is in the morning. This morning, they are celebrating Sarva Pitru Amavasya in South Indian Mathas since it needs a lot of ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar (IVth and Concluding Part)

The hospital where Pooja was being treated sent for the valve from abroad. They got a size bigger valve. Initially, the hospital told the Dhabolkars that they would send it back and ask for the right size of the valve. They also said that it would take about 15-20 days ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar (Part III)

My aunt told them to take the mother to a good psychiatrist and a clinical psychologist. She also advised them to take her to as many temples as possible. My aunt also added, “Tell her that the child was with her for 5 years at least. Many parents lose their ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar (Part II)

The doctors told the parents clearly then, that they had not thought the child would not live till 5 years of age since the case was complicated. But, the doctors told them that the child might not survive the operation and also told them to let him live as long ...

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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar

My aunt received information from a small town. A couple, after several years, got a male child. One astrologer had predicted that this couple had no children in their fate. If a child would be born, there will be some defect in it. The astrologer advised them to adopt a ...

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Natural Calamities

Recently, floods struck Bihar and Gujarat. During such calamities, initially, people go out of the way to help the calamity-struck people. After a few days, the public interest dwindles. But, the calamity-struck people have to wait for several years to recover completely. In such times, some NGO-affiliated people go to ...

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