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Infatuation for Teachers-Kids Better Come Off it!

Teachers after parents are the greatest influencers in our life. Normally students have a tendency to like teachers, who are presentable, teach well, etc. But if this liking went beyond just liking and took the form of something sinister? If kids start getting sexually attracted to the teachers of the ...

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Spare The Rod And Spoil The Child? Really?

Traditionally, the teacher-student interactions were based on the authoritarian model. But today the children look for teachers who are competent, knowledgeable, impartial and approachable. According to most educationists spoken to, things should be this way. But there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. It is an ...

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Coaching Classes-The Necessary Evil?

In this dog-eat-dog world of education, survival of the fittest is the norm. Therefore, students and parents have to get the students to the top, by hook or by crook. Coaching classes and tuitions are the most legitimate recourse that they can take to attain this aim. Legitimate in the ...

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