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Thinking about Future is Too Much Thinking – Smita Jaykar

Smita Jaykar

Smita Jaykar has an actor’s personality to reckon with. She debuted several years ago in the acting field and is still going strong. A Journalist Reveals was in conversation with her on twitter and wanted to interview her. She shared her phone number and we contacted her for a tête-à-tête. ...

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That Good Ugly Day

A soon to be launched web series That Good Ugly Day is not going to be a regular web series in terms of endorsing origination and cherishing talent. With an intention to produce and showcase shocking incidents with zero fiction plotting, Ajay Rajpal – model, fashion entrepreneur, actor and producer ...

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Bakwas Band!

K N Singh

His raised eyebrows sent chills up and down our spines! His persona evoked fear among the audience from 1936 to 1992. Actor Krishan Niranjan Singh or K N Singh was a villain par excellence. Today is his 18th death anniversary. Mom made me interview him when I was a mere ...

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RJ Swati Shifts to Radio City

A Journalist Reveals had interviewed RJ Swati Kapur a few months ago. We recently got to know that she has shifted to Radio City, Kota. We thought a couple of questions about her new job won’t hurt. Here is what she had to say: What is the name of your ...

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Aziz Baksh, A Unique Rafi Fan

Many people are crazy about late Mohammad Rafi Sahab. But today we would like to introduce this man, who sings only the crooner’s songs in his shows. Popular as Aziz Baksh, this British Guyana-born singer Ahmed Hussain has made it his life’s mission to keep alive the melodious voice of ...

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2016 gives India a Miss Globe, Before Leaving!

While she shines the tiara of Miss India, Dimple Patel was crowned The Miss Globe 2016 during the finals of the pageant in Tirana, Albania by last year’s winner Ann Colis from Philippines. A total stunner she is, she thanked each and everyone for their kind messages and wishes. Dimple completed ...

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My Name is Khan, says actor-director Aslam Khan

See Saw Entertainment has brought out On a High Zindagi setting new trends. The song has brought freshness and energy to the listeners and viewers. The song has been directed by actor turned director Aslam Khan. To introduce him, his first directorial song Aawariyan was well received by the audience. ...

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Divya Singh Debuts with Ishq Junoon

Actor Divya Singh is all set to make a sizzling debut in upcoming Bollywood film Ishq Junoon. The actor, hailing from Bihar, is expected to be seen in a very different character than what she is in real life. With Divya 2 other newcomers would be debuting in this movie ...

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