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Dhan Triyodashi

Lord Dhanvantri

There are a few festivals that were celebrated after Karva Chauth. I will share about them later. Today, I am sharing about Dhan Trayodashi or Dhanvantri Jayanti that fell on last Tuesday. When the milky ocean was churned, one of the items that came out was Amruta Kalasha with Lord ...

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Karva Chauth (IInd and Concluding Part)

Karva Chauth

Karva Mata Story is as follows: A family had seven brothers and a sister in a village. They were all married. The sister had come to the brothers’ house on Karva Chauth. On this night, it is important to look at the moon through a sieve, perform arghya to the ...

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Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth Mata

On Shakashta Chaturthi of North Indian Kartik month, falls Karva Chauth as well every year. Married women (with their husbands alive) and girls, who are engaged to be married, fast during this festival for the wellbeing and long lives of their husbands. Some women may not drink even water during ...

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Sankashta Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha

The Chaturthi after Pournima is called Sankashta Chaturthi and this time it was a very powerful one because on the Kojagiri Pournima the moon rose with all its 16 rays. If Lord Ganesha is worshipped on this day, all troubles are resolved. People, who cannot celebrate Sankashti in the entire ...

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Chaturdashi after Vijaya Dashami

Lord Varaha

The Chaturdashi after Vijaya Dashami is auspicious for the worship of Lord Varaha, the third avatar of Maha Vishnu. Lord Varaha should be worshipped with Bhumadevi, the reason being Maha Vishnu is the protector of everything on earth. Demon Hiranyaksha took away the earth and dropped it into the primordial ...

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Trayodashi (IInd and Concluding Part)

Shiva Lingam

Now, I am sharing about Triyodashi evening’s Pradosha Pooja. People, living near Lord Shiva’s temple and those who have the facility to visit temples for the pooja, can perform it there. People, performing this pooja at home, should fast from the morning. They should take a purifying bath in the ...

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Panchamukhi Hanuman

The Triyodashi after the Vijaya Dashami is very important. The week-day, on which the Triyodashi falls, is also important. This time it fell on a Tuesday, making it important for Lord Hanuman. This timePradosha ,  also fell on this day, making it important for Lord Shiva. Tuesday is auspicious for ...

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Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami

Lord Ananta Padmanabha

The ascetic, we were talking about toward the end of the posts on On Navaratri, also talked about the Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami. He said, “Navaratri is mostly for kanyas and suhasinis. But, did widows perform any sinful act? Our culture forgets about them. When a man loses his wife, ...

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On Navaratri (XIXth and Concluding Part)

We realized the reason for Dolly having compelled Mom to place the Jala Krida near the Golu, immediately. While the little girl was enjoying the scene, an ascetic came to our door and chanted a mantra from the Vedas. When Mom went to see, who it was; she saw a ...

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