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Dealing with Common Cold (Part VI)

Despite advances in medical technology, no cure for the common cold has been found. A single virus does not cause cold. There is a variety of them around. Thus, no vaccine or medicine can cure it. The viruses keep mutating and inter-breeding so that remedies cannot be found easily. The bottom line is that there is no cure for cold as such or at least in Allopathy.

A Sneeze Sends the Virus 20 Feet Away

No antibiotic or drug can cure a common cold. Only secondary infections by bacteria, which can be spread due to cold, can be treated. Common people do not understand the truth about this irritating ailment and expect medicines to treat it. When the doctor recommends steam inhalation and nasal drops to treat the irritating symptoms, the patients are angry that the doctor has not given a medicine for their condition.
To be continued…

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