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I Don’t Want to Meet Lord Krishna! – Chapter 2

Here’s my novel – I Don’t Want to Meet Lord Krishna – Chapter 2. Read how Lord Krishna coaxes Reporter Radha Srinivasan to interview Him. Read chapter 1 here.

I Don’t Want to Meet Lord Krishna! – Chapter 2

She stood there transfixed. She could not believe what she was seeing. She pinched herself to make sure that this was real. She went down on her knees. She dropped her handbag to one side carelessly, which contained all her very important belongings as a journalist and even money and a debit card. She would never do this elsewhere. At that moment, these material possessions did not have any significance. She tried to keep her eyes open to see everything, His Magnificence.

“OMG, You are awesome. Is that really You? This is amazing!”

“Do you believe Me, now?” His voice sounded like distant thunder.

“OMG! Why are You giving me, such an insignificant person, such a splendorous sight?” she asked with her hands cupped on either side of her face in amazement.

“My child you are the privileged one. In times, when the Bhagavad Geeta is almost a lost manuscript, you read the book more than 18 times, while you were a student. Don’t you remember? Come,” He extended one of His large right hands, which gave the sign Abhaya Hasta, to her.

She extended both her hands to His, because, her one hand was too tiny in front of His Hand. She found that her both hands were also too small in His.

But, the Lord lifted her up very easily like a baby and hoisted her up on His right elbow of His proffered Hand. She giggled like a small child.

He asked, “Child, aren’t you afraid of me? Arjuna was, when he saw My Vishwaroopam.”

“I don’t know about Your Partha. But I haven’t done anything wrong in my life, intentionally or unintentionally. And why should I be afraid of You, of all the people? In any case, my Mom has told me that You are the most Awesome Person in the whole cosmos. I just love you, soooooo much.” And she put her arms around His neck. Her arms were so small and they did not quite meet each other on the other side. She just planted a kiss on the Cheek of His Main Head!

At that time, He put back all His Heads and started laughing. That noise made the thunder come too close to her for comfort. She put both her hands on her ears and tried to say louder than the sound of his laughter, but all she could was whimper, “OMG! Hey, my poor little eardrums! Have mercy on me. I am just a human being. Please put me down and become my Lord Krishna again.”

The Lord heard her plea, even though she could not hear herself say it and put her down. In a second, he was back to His loveable Krishna form. His Wife, Radha was still sitting beside Him.

She first apologized to Lady Radha, saying mischievously, “I am sorry, I kissed Your Husband.”

Her lipstick mark was printed on His right cheek and was to stay there for the eternity thereafter as a sign of the love of the reporter Radha, a mere human being, for the Lord.

But, Lady Radha dismissed it saying, “Baby, it’s ok. You are Our child and you love Him, too.”

“Radha,” The Lord looked at his wife and said, “She is a learning experience for Me. Even Arjuna was afraid of My Virat Roopam. But she is not frightened of It.”

“Hey, Krishna. Don’t try to act too smart, haan! You made me this way. You knew I would be this way. You are all pervading. You are Omniscient. Now that I know that You are my Special Friend do I have to be afraid about anything, of all the people You?”

Lady Radha just smiled indulgently looking at one and then the other.

Then, the reporter added sitting on the small table in front of Him, “Hey, Dude, let’s come to the point. Why did you get me here? What do you want from me?”

The Lord turned to His wife, and said, “Now, she has become an American and calls Me a Dude. This is her way of getting back to business.”

“It was You, who called me a friend, when I came in. You are my Very Special Friend. So, I have the right to call You whatever I want.”

“There is no doubt about it. Ok. Like you wanted, I will get to the point, right away. I want you to interview Me for your newspaper. I desire to set right a few controversies about Myself.”

“Hey, Lord Krishna, I’ll be glad to take Your interview. In fact, I will be honored.” And she took a bow.

“You may frame your questions. You can have a look around this Goloka, if you like. I’ll meet you back here in an earth hour’s time. I think that will be enough time for framing the questions for a senior journalist like you.”

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