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I Don’t Want to Meet Lord Krishna!

Here’s the first chapter of my novel – I Don’t Want to Meet Lord Krishna! Read how Reporter Radha Srinivasan meets Lord Krishna.


I Don’t Want to Meet Lord Krishna!

Chapter 1

            Radha Srinivasan was stagnating. She could not handle the routine stuff any longer. Everywhere there was only suffering and violence. She was writing about only these. She needed a desperate break.

One day, the office phone on her table suddenly rang. Radha picked it up.

“Hello,” She spoke into it.

A man was on the line. He said that she had been chosen by a celebrity to meet him. The name of the celebrity was not given.

She tried to protest that she was a crime reporter and did not write celebrity interviews. But all her protests were brushed aside saying that she was the chosen one.

Radha was curious. She wondered in what way she would be the chosen one. She had been instructed to wait on the terrace of her newspaper, The True Story office building, in Mumbai and a helicopter would pick her up. All protests of risk were also brushed aside, with assurances of safety.

At the appointed time, she stood waiting for the helicopter, feeling very much like a fool responding to a call which was perhaps a hoax. A large white helicopter, with the word Pushpak written over it in blue, arrived on the dot at the appointed time and stopped in front of her. It took her and flew away. The glass windows of the helicopter were covered with curtains and she was strictly instructed not to look out of them. After a couple of hours, they landed.

“Pilot, where are we?”

“We are in Goloka1.”

“We are in WHAT?” she was shocked.

Goloka, Lord Krishna’s abode.”

“Don’t tell me. I don’t believe this. Now, you will say that I have come to interview Lord Krishna.”

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“You are right, Ma’am.”

“Give me a break. Tell me this is Film City and you have begun shooting a new television serial on Lord Krishna.”

“No, Ma’am. You will believe me when you will meet Lord Krishna in person.”

“In person? No kidding!”

They entered a large palatial mansion and Radha was taken to an inner chamber after she was asked to leave her shoes outside. There was brightness all over the place. But, there were no candles or electric lighting to be seen. It was as if the very walls were lighting the room! The room was decorated with antique objects, which seemed to be genuine from afar.

At the opposite end of the room was a large swing on which the supposed Master of the mansion sat with His Lady. His dark complexion seemed to emit bright light too. He was wearing the traditional yellow dress of Lord Krishna-Pitamber. There was a halo behind his head, which moved in unison with His head, when He moved It. In contrast, the Lady with Him was very fair wearing a lot of gold jewelry and dressed in a beautiful traditional dress again right out of a mythological film or TV serial.

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Vanakkam! (‘Welcome’ in Tamil) Aham Vaasudeva Krishnaha (‘I am Vasudeva’s son Krishna’ in Sanskrit),” He introduced himself and He suddenly switched as easily to impeccable English! “Radha, this is My Wife Radha. Radha, this is My friend the reporter Radha.”

“How do I know that You are the Lord Krishna?”

At that time, she was served fresh butter milk. Something told her that Krishna or no Krishna, she could drink or eat anything He served without inhibitions. She usually was wary of such hospitality after a very bad experience with a criminal couple, who had committed insurance fraud. Lady Radha, i.e. Lord Krishna’s Wife was serving Him fruits, when Radha, the reporter had popped her question.

“You tell Me, how do I prove it?”

“Can I come near You?”

“Yes, why not? You are the chosen one.”

“Your Wife might object to that comment of Yours,” she replied tongue-in-cheek.

“Radha, you need not worry, dear. I know My Husband.”

“Please open Your mouth.”

Lord Krishna did as He was told and inside Radha saw the Big Bang theory of the origin of the Universe practically asserting itself! More than 5000 years ago His foster mother, Yashodha had also seen the Universe inside His mouth! Radha looked around for holographic gadgets. But there were none. The vision seemed to be real, not virtual.

“Are you satisfied, or…” He stood up and started enlarging as she backed off. Suddenly, the whole room was lit with more brilliant and colorful lights than there was before. The brightness did not hurt her eyes. Instead, it was pleasing to her eyes. She could see Him transforming Himself into a Divine Form with many heads and hands. It was a three-dimensional thing that she was watching, or may be 4-dimentional, 5 or 6 or maybe more. Suddenly, time came to a standstill and nothing made sense and everything did so at the same time. As she stood back, she could see all the gods in the form of the other heads, Sun God, the Moon, Indra, Hanuman, Narasimha, Yama, etc., she did not know half of them, that many. She could also see the whole process of birth, disease, old age and death, everything happening right in front of her!

To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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