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It’s an ill-wind that blows nobody any good! (Part XI)

“I know, who is behind it. The underworld!” replied Malkani. “I thwarted their attempts to drain my bank balance…”

At that moment, his mobile rang. He excused himself, shouting into it; he limped on his left leg. Radha went to the car before the mechanic could reach the place and looked into it, to find what she wanted. The maximum damage had occurred to only that side of the sets.

Radha found out the name of the writer of the movie, Kazi and went to meet him to ascertain if he had actually lifted Gaznavi’s story. If he had, Kazi did not give an indication of it. About the events occurring during the shooting, he was aware of it only by way of what he had heard from other people. This was because he would rarely go to the shoot. It also meant that he had not been sent any of the warnings.

“That is odd,” Radha thought. “If Kazi has lifted Gaznavi’s story, then Kazi should have been the main target. Why is Gaznavi trying to sabotage his friend Syed’s career, damaging the sets and tampering with the memory cards? Obviously, Gaznavi is not the real culprit! I was on the wrong track, then. So, the main motive behind these incidents was not to sabotage anybody’s career. But then, why were they happening? If disruption of the shoot was the main aim, then why were the incidents not happening every day and why did they not happen when the first schedule began? These incidents were more recent. And why were the other technicians not affected by the incidents? Why only Syed?

Then, there was something else, in fact, 2 things that happened the day the producer’s car crashed onto his movie sets. They did not fall into place – something she saw inside the car and the producer’s behavior. What were they? She could not remember.

She had peeped into the car to confirm that the brakes had really failed. But, she had seen something else, too. What was it? Yes. The handbrakes were in working condition. Then, why hadn’t Malkani used them? And then why did he first limp on his right leg and then left?”

To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it.

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