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The Passing of a Legend (VIIth and Concluding Part)

Realizing that their game was up, all the criminals surrendered and were herded out, together. In the commotion, the girls helped Prakriti up from her chair. She got up weakly. The fivesome triumphantly walked out of the room with the celebrity, they loved.

Radha called the editor, happily, the moment they reached the girl’s room, “Sir, we found Prakriti Ma’am.”

Mr. Iyer replied, “I knew you would. I had a suspicion about the local police. That is why I requested the police commissioner to send Keshav and Kartik with you.”

“Sir, did you ask the army to intervene as well?”

“No, I did not,” he replied surprised.

When the call was over, Radha asked, “But, I have still not understood, how the army commandoes arrived at the nick of time.”

Keshav spoke up, “It was an arrangement we had with the army. The police commissioner of Mumbai had contacted the high command of the army and it was decided that we would have a joint operation.”

Kartik added, “Manav is not only involved in Prakriti Ma’am’s kidnapping. He has an illegal drugs and arms business going on from here. He also has a strong connection with the underworld.”

“I still wonder how he had fooled the entire world about Prakriti Ma’am’s death with that photoshopped image!” Radha said thoughtfully.

“The fact remains that he could not fool Katherine,” Asha told her, smiling.

Prakriti had by then freshened up and was wearing Radha’s clothes. She thanked the fivesome for rescuing her.

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