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The Secret Weapon (II)

Part II
“Radha, Hi,” Rashmi seemed excited over the phone. She wanted her friend to meet her at their usual meeting place. She and Ravi were already there when Radha went for the rendezvous.
“Somebody stole the dummy blueprint, last night,” Rashmi exclaimed excitedly.
“So the bait has been taken,” Radha said, thoughtfully. “The original blue-print is at a safe place, I suppose.”
“Yes,” Ravi affirmed.
“The point is they got the fake one,” Rashmi was really happy.
“The time to rejoice is over, my dear. It won’t be long before they realize their mistake. Point to be noted is that despite tighter security, he or she got away with his crime. Did the DVDs show up something?”
“Yes, however, everything was blank during the time the theft is supposed to have taken place!”
“Why? Did something go wrong with the camera?”
“No. During the first and the second attempts, someone had tampered with the lights and so the image did not appear in the tape. Before the third attempt, we got wiser and used bright lights, making sure no unauthorized person could reach the mains. We found photographs of the rooms attached to the respective cameras! This surely seems to be an inside job or someone has infiltrated our security system.”
“Now, what?” asked Rashmi.
“Our next move should happen before the culprits realize that they have been outwitted. Do your superiors know that you changed the document?”
“No. They think the original is gone.”
“Let the original stay where it is. Do you have the DVDs?”
“Yes, I brought even yesterday’s.”
“Let us go to my office now. Very few people will be there and we will be able to work there undisturbed.”

Kartik, meanwhile, was on the way to his quarters, when he thought he would drop in at his sister’s office. He knew that Radha would be working late, that night. Kartik was well known to the guards, so he was not stopped outside the office building. When he found his sister, she was busy on her computer with Ravi and Rashmi. He knew the husband and wife from a previous case, when Rashmi had gone missing.
She started viewing the first DVD from Ravi’s office. Initially, nothing happened. Slowly, they saw a figure near the field of the camera and move to the other side, stealthily looking right and left as if in fright. The man was wearing a tight black dress with a black mask covering his entire head. His hands were also covered with black gloves. The moment he touched the door of the windowless room, the alarm rang. The thief panicked and bolted off.
In the second set of DVDs also, they could discern a similar scene. Only in the third one all they could see was the empty rooms.
“The man must be very clever. He has not left a clue as to how he fixed the pictures of the room. Did you lodge a complaint at the nearest police station?”
“Who is the concerned officer? I will talk to him personally later.”
“Inspector Sudhir,” replied Ravi.
“What did the police say? No fingerprints were found?” Kartik pulled up a chair while he got a negative answer from Ravi. Kartik sat down thoughtfully. “Tell you what? Ravi, can you get the DVDs from the other cameras from the building?”
“I have them right here. I thought they would come in handy.”
One by one, Ravi set about displaying the DVDs from the first camera, which caught you as you enter the building. Many people entered and left. The building housed several other offices, too. Therefore, it complicated things a bit, since the thief could have come to some other office, stayed back and entered Ravi’s at night.
Now, Ravi put a DVD of the camera in the lift. Suddenly, Kartik told Ravi to rewind the DVD a bit.
“What is he doing here?” Kartik asked pointing to a man, who had entered with a couple of others? “This man was called Alex. He died a few days back. It was a gruesome murder. And what is Dattar doing with him? Dattar is the prime suspect in the case. Radha give me those DVDs I will further investigate on my laptop in my quarters.” Now, they were all blank on the further course of action.
To be continued

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