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When Radha Went Back to College… (III)

Part III
Everything arranged properly, Radha approached the pan shop, alone. “I need some joints, please. This is for my birthday party,” she whispered.
“We don’t sell joints. What are they?”
She realized that this took some convincing. However, it took her just ten minutes. The vendor picked up his mobile and dialed a number and discretely spoke into the cell. She did not hear what he said, but soon the man handed it over to her.
On the other end was a man, who also needed some convincing. The moment he was convinced and the mobile was handed over to the shop vendor, the latter spoke into it and cut off the call. “That will be Rs.1000.”
When she had paid him and he had checked the amount and the notes, the man fished out a black plastic bag, turned his back and filled it up with something. He gave this bag to her. She opened the bag and saw what she wanted. Then she dropped the green cloth she was carrying like a handkerchief!
That was the signal the police wanted. They came from nowhere and surrounded the shop.

“You did it, Radha!” Shalini Ma’am was proud of her. Shalini admitted that she had misinterpreted the communications going on in the pan shop.
Radha had to contact the CEO to get the police to do what she wanted. Radha had used her smart phone to record the whole sequence of the girl buying something from the shop and taking it to a discrete corner of the campus. She had carried a black plastic bag similar to the one Radha got later. There were two other girls and three boys waiting for the first girl. The latter then opened her bag and brought out six cigarettes. The entire group started smoking and slowly went into a trance.
The cigarettes were the ‘joints’ filled with drugs!
Radha took the recorded video to the CEO, who on her insistence arranged for the police raid. Drugs were something that had to be pinched off at an early stage, before it became a painful sore.
Later, they found the person who was behind the drug fiasco. This was just a small fry. Radha still suspected that all was not over as far as this episode was concerned.

Next day, Radha was in the library. She had no other alternative than to behave like a student and study something she had already studied before. That’s the only camouflage she had. Shekhar found her there. In whispers, they decided that they would go to the garden. Radha returned the book, she was referring to, at the counter and they left the reading room.
Shekhar took her to a secluded corner of the vast garden.
“Radha, I want to ask you something,” Shekhar asked fumbling in his pockets.
“Ok, ask.”
Shekhar drew out a part of printout from a newspaper and opened it. The page contained one of her recent articles in ‘The True Story’, where she was working!
To be continued…

About Yashaswini K

Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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