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When Radha Went Back to College… (V)

Part V

Later, when she was alone, Radha went to the store room and opened it with a key, the CEO had given her. She only wanted to know the location of the store room from Shekhar.

The store room was filled with many desks and benches with a couple of broken tables. Using the small torch that Radha always carried, she looked at every nook and corner. In the middle of the room was a cleared area, where the outline of the body that was found in the room, looked creepy. Just a little beyond, on the inner side of the bench on the floor was something very small and shining. Radha squatted near it and picked up what looked like a sim card of a mobile. The shine was from the metal piece on the reverse side of the card.

“This is a sim card,” Radha said to herself. She had decided that she would go to the hostel and then check it out.


When she reached the hostel, it was past lunch time. She had already had some sandwiches from the college canteen. The moment she reached her room, she closed the door and sat comfortably on her bed. She removed the sim card in her cell and put the one she had found in the store room in its place. There was a frequently called number in the call register of the new sim card.

The person using the sim card had even called her a couple of times!

After writing down the numbers recently called from the sim card and the timings of the call to her number, she removed the sim card and inserted her sim card into the mobile. She then checked the calls that she received at the given timings. The number was in her caller list (phone book). When she compared the numbers, the caller id in Radha’s mobile showed that the incoming call was from Shekhar!

She went to her professor’s place and asked Mr. Sharma to call the other frequently called numbers and found that they were only friends of Shekhar. But that did not mean that Shekhar was above suspicion.


“Ma’am, other than the sim card, I couldn’t find anything, yet.” But, Radha did not sound dejected. She had gone immediately to Shalini, with the information she had. “I still have to think up something to investigate the murder. And I have to be discrete.”

“Take your time, Radha. You are doing well.”


There were two possibilities in the given situation. One said that Shekhar had dropped the sim card by mistake. The second possibility asserted that it was planted by someone else, most probably the murderer, after the police had searched the crime scene. The second option meant that Shekhar was being framed by someone! That could also mean an enmity or someone was even throwing the suspicion on her friend. If we took up the first possibility, Shekhar could have dropped the sim card when the crime had occurred. That could mean that Shekhar was the murderer. But he had the sim card with him, when she had come to Noida. So that was ruled out.

There was another possibility opened up, Radha realized. A criminal often returns to the place of crime. Shekhar could have gone back to the place to pick up something he had perhaps dropped during the crime and had dropped the sim card by mistake. Logic told her that if Shekhar was the murderer, he wouldn’t be an idiot to drop a thing like a sim card and turn all suspicions to himself.

Anyways, though she still considered Shekhar to be innocent, she thought she should keep an eye on him.


It was Shekhar who mentioned the loss of his mobile to their group, when Radha was present immediately the next time the group met. “I lost my mobile but I don’t know when and where. I had to buy another yesterday. Take my new number and give me a call so that I can save your numbers.”

That made her more suspicious of him.

To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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