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Dnyaneshwar’s Paintings Are Visual Poetry!
Dnyaneshwar’s Paintings Are Visual Poetry!

Dnyaneshwar’s Paintings Are Visual Poetry!

I wrapped her in a quilt of profound tenderness


I draped her form under the shower of radiant sunflower

I enveloped her innocence within the borders of nature

I encased her aura within the spectrum of infinite breeze

I preserved her surreal force from straying to the wild

I sheltered her existence from the darkness of the sphere

I isolated her spirit from the sinful spectrums around…

Your appearance showers blissfulness, your beauty renders us disabled.

Your power instills our growth, your peace prolongs our sanity…

Each day, every day, I honor you more, I regard you at the greatest extreme…

I quote you in all my strokes and all my colors…

For your dynamism describes the functionality of the globe.

And your energy defines the origin of us.

Painter Dnyaneshwar Jagadale
Painter Dnyaneshwar Jagadale

Introducing painter and poet, Dnyaneshwar Shankar Jagadale! Born in Bidal (District -Satara, Maharashtra) he has completed GD Art Drawing and Painting (5 years) and Diploma in art Education (1 year). His parents are farmers and they are 8 siblings, Dnyaneshwar being the 7th. His wife Manisha is also a painter. They have two children Aditya and Abhishek. Aditya is in the diploma 2nd year of engineering, while Abhishek will give 9th grade exam.. Both his sons do excellent paintings and apart from that the elder son Aditya is into music. He plays keyboard and guitar and Abhishek is into dance.

When and how did you realize that you are an artist?

I use to love drawing as a child. I remember I had drawn a bull on my soft stone slate when I was in the 4th grade. I was so much in love with that drawing that the next 2 days I went to school but did nothing on the slate and kept my drawing safe (smiles). Till 10th standard I was very close to nature and that is why naturally I am good at colors. I finished my 11th science and till then I used to paint monthly 2 paintings. Because I did my schooling in a village, I was not aware of fine art colleges. For 11th standard, I moved to Satara city and on the occasion of the Swami Viveknand Jayanti painted his large size portrait with poster colors and displayed in a notice board. After seeing that beautiful painting, one teacher told me that I should take up fine art as career and get trained in it. I knew I was good at art but was not aware of what to do next. Then, I began hunting for fine art colleges and found one in Sangli (Maharashtra). I left science and finished my foundation, Elementary and Intermediate – 3 years of fine art education in Sangli. For the foundation board exam, I stood 1st in merit list. In the 3rd year (Intermediate), I stood 2nd in merit list. And then for further studies, I moved to Mumbai’s Raheja School of Art, Bandra and Sir J.J.School of Arts. I stood 4th in merit in the final year of my GD Art Diploma..

What kind of paintings is your forte?

I love all the mediums, but mostly I love to play with watercolors, oil colors, acrylic and charcoal. I love to paint portraits and landscapes, human faces and their skin tones fascinate me a lot. As a painter I feel the most beautiful forms on this planet are women! I feel she gives you energy. My 2011 art show “Genesis of Energy” was all about the beauty, power, energy and elegancy of women.

Are you experimenting on this kind of art?

Yes. I want to paint this kind of art in various mediums. My next exhibition will be in watercolor and I am sure while painting I will get a different result. Each medium is having its own unique identity and therefore with watercolor I will get excellent transparency. There are a lot of mythological stories and characters too so I am sure I will be exploring some more of this theme with different mediums.

Who are the artists who have influenced you?

Western artists- Rembrandt, Velazquez, William Bouguereau, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema and Johan Singer Sargent.

Indian artists are- Gopal Deuskar, Haldankar, Wadangekar, Palshikar, Anil Naik, Jambhalikar, Godhalekar, etc. I love Raza’s Landscapes. I love his abstract paintings.

How do you select themes and ideas for your paintings?

I don’t select my ideas. They come to me naturally and with the experience I start painting. I keep painting. When I am done with one exhibition on one theme or idea, I don’t stop. I get the urge to paint more and more on the same theme. So it is an on-going process and I can’t say when I will stop and start a new one.

Are you working besides making paintings?

At present, I am working as a Sr. Faculty at Whistling Woods International school of Design. Mumbai.



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  2. I am really into this painting is there any reference from the Ajanta caves statues by any chance as i tried to paint this in my own style

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