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Angelic Whispers

We, at, are very spiritual and are always on the lookout for new divine healing techniques. Recently, we found Ahmedabad-based Manniniie G Shaah’s Angelic Whispers on Facebook. Here’s a short interview with the healer.


What kind of cards do you read?

My Tarot began with the Osho Zen Tarot cards. Soon, Angels found their way into my life, that is when I took up reading Angel Cards also known as Oracle Cards. As my psychic abilities continued to develop, I was drawn to learn the Raider Waite Tarot.  Today, my sessions are based on a combination of Tarot, Angel Cards, Numerology, Pendulum Dowsing and Intuitive Messages too along with Candle Healing, Crystal Healing, Angel Prayers and Dragon Reiki which I use as healing modalities.

What inspired you to take it up?

Tarot cards have always been a major source of fascination for me! 

In India though – it is a relatively new practice and the knowledge of Tarot is not wide spread – due to which there is a fear or a certain negativity that many be associated with it. This was one of the major obstacles that I faced while deciding if I should go ahead with my passion and to add to that was the fact that I had absolutely no exposure to this field. It was when I met my Mentor (Aanjana Bhan) for the first time that I realized it is time to take up this calling more seriously and that is when I decided to go ahead and learn. In fact, to be very honest – being a jewelry designer and gemologist by profession I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would soon be making this passion my profession. But like I’d always heard I experienced it first hand, as I began my journey learning, a lot of my spiritual gifts began to open up – gifts that I had been unaware of all these years. I began being able to sense auras of people I interacted with, I became more aware of what we know as the “gut feeling” or “6th Sense” before I realized it, I had begun getting intuitive messages – that is being able to sense answers without the Tarot Deck as well.

That’s when I decided to take it up professionally as my main line of work. I feel in India, there is a need for readers who can hear and understand their clients – guide them and counsel them – without scaring them – most spiritual practices today are based on instilling fear and there by blind faith. Tarot too is being used by professionals merely as a prediction tool – where as it is actually a tool meant for guidance and trust me there is no better guidance than that which a Tarot reading can bring you. Ever since I started my professional readings – this is what I have been trying to bring to my clients and I do wish to make authentic Tarot a better known practice in India.

Is there any kind of training for the same?

Yes and No.

Almost everyone is gifted with intuitive abilities – it could be in the form of being able to hear, see, smell or feel the messages the Universe is trying to give out. It is just that some of people learn how to use these gifts themselves and the rest (like me) need guidance on how to recognize them – That is where the need for a good mentor comes in. 

For people who are drawn to the Tarot Cards, but do not know where to begin, I would recommend taking up a course on Tarot – to learn the basics – and then it is a never ending process – I believe you continue to learn the cards with every reading you do no matter how many years you have been reading for.

Manniniie G Shaah’s Angelic Whispers
Manniniie G Shaah’s Angelic Whispers

Since when have you been practicing it?

I learnt The Osho Zen Tarot 3 years ago and have been practicing professionally for 2 years now. I have been blessed to have gained the confidence of my clients from my first few readings itself – and it is their confidence in my guidance that motivated me to delve deeper into the field.

Can these cards predict 100% correctly?

Tarot cards are full of various images, colors and numbers – which are meant to be like symbols, even though there are words written on the card which might make the meaning seem very straight forward. A reading is based on the reader’s interpretation of these symbols. The same spread of cards may be read differently by different readers. Hence the accuracy of the reading depends entirely on how well your reader’s psychic and spiritual gifts are developed and how well they can connect the dots of the various cards drawn.

Additionally, the Tarot is very often mistaken for a prediction tool – where as it is essentially meant to be a guidance tool.

It is meant to provide you advice for moving forward based on your past and present situation and energy – eventually it is your actions which will shape your future. 

So, I would like to put it as Yes, Tarot is 100% accurate in providing you with the best guidance on how to move forward – but based on the concept of “free-will” if you act otherwise, obviously the outcome will differ.

What do you look forward to?

The philosophy of tarot is based on inner wisdom (like I mentioned above about free will). I believe that the most important message of any reading should be to bring about the awareness that you have the power to heal yourself within you and that the path to a better life begins with you. It is this true essence of Tarot that I would like to spread out to the world. It gives me immense satisfaction as a reader, to see my client feeling empowered to take charge of his/her own life at the end of a session however uncomfortable their current situation may be – and it is this very feeling that makes me love my profession more with every passing day!


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