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Yiamas by Xenia Hospitality

About the Property: Yiamas or ‘cheers’ in Greek is a modern yet vintage experimental space, located in South Mumbai’s Ballard Estate. Founded in the year 2013, Xenia Hospitality Solutions (LLP) is dedicated towards providing unique, innovative and customized hospitality solutions. Yiamas is the place where people can turn their dreams into reality. Events like Art Expos, Live Quarte, Pop Up Restaurants, Club Nights, Traditional Events with a Twist can be curated at Yiamas. Yiamas is founded by Zeenia Master, well experienced in the hospitality and entertainment space for over a decade and that is what make Xenia hospitality as one of the most distinguished providers of highly customized and innovative hospitality solutions.

Entrance of the Hall
Entrance of the Hall

About the Founder: Zeenia Master is the Founder and CEO of Xenia Hospitality Solutions LLP. Zeenia’s profound experience in the hospitality and entertainment space for over a decade has been the cornerstone for steering Xenia Hospitality as one of the distinguished providers of highly customised and innovative hospitality solutions.

With Xenia Hospitality’s newly launched Yiamas- the experimental space, Zeenia envisages that this space will become a destination for people to turn their dreams into a reality.

Our Take: We visited the banquet hall recently to get the feel of it. The staircase leading to first floor, where Yiamas is situated is made of real teak. Zeenia told us that they had only refurbished the original staircase so that the old-world feel remains. Yiamas is a U-shaped property, which can host at least 150 people. The area where you step into can be used as the reception area for events. The next part can be used for a small podium that can be created there. Further chairs can be arranged for DJ nights and other events. This area can also be used for sit down lunch or dinner, with tables facing each other. Zeenia told us that there were a lot of pillars when they had initially leased the property. Then they reinforced the Ice Factory on the ground floor so that their property could stand with less number of pillars. The fag end of the U-shaped hall can house a buffet lunch or dinner.

Central Area
Central Area

Zeenia told us that though they could host a sit down dinner, most people preferred buffet because the food is not wasted in the second case. There is a long balcony as well where people can go to talk on their phone, if the signal was not available inside the hall and even if they did not want to disturb the others. If you are on a budget but want to have the event in South Mumbai, Yiamas is the place for you.

Address: Yiamas by Xenia Hospitality,1st floor, Above Ambico Ice Factory, 10- 12, 321, Cochin St, Ballard Estate, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001.

Phone: 022 22873567.


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