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Tips for Cooling Down in Hot Weather

  1. Making good curd: Some people like curd very much. They feel they should have quality curd. This is an interesting method to make good quality curd. Heat milk again after it boils once and let it cool to the room temperature. Add a little buttermilk or curd to it. Cool it by pouring it from one vessel to the other and do it again. Pour the cooled liquid in a washed mud pot. Keep it closed overnight. The next day you will get good butter-like curd.
  2. School-going kids and office goers like to drink cool water after they come back home. Doctors advise not to have fridge water. So, store water in a mud pot and cover it with a wet Turkish towel or wet jute sack to get cool but healthy water.
  3. Another Way of Cooling Earthenware Pot: Take a mud tray and place the pot on it. Fill the tray with sand. Wet the sand with water. If water is stored in the pot now, it will be cool and there will not be any health issues.

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