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A Pawari Tribal Performance
A Pawari Tribal Performance

A Pawari Tribal Performance

By Shruchet Jayatheerth


The museum in Saputara, Gujarat houses in its 2 floors the culture of Adivasis or tribesmen in that part of Gujarat. The hill station is located in the border of Gujarat with Maharashtra. Situated about 80 kms. from Nashik; Saputara is a great holiday resort if you love being one with nature. Have a look at this video of a Pawari Tribal Performance.

The above video has a tribesman performing the Adivasis’ musical instrument Pawari just as you leave the museum.

About Shruchet Jayatheerth: Shruchet Jayatheerth is an amateur photographer, who would love to share whatever he finds interesting and different. An engineer by profession, he loves to travel and lives in Pune. Shruchet is my darling nephew and my Mom’s darling grandson. He is the son of my beloved Heera Bhabhi, who gave us this poem.

Shruchet Jayatheerth Videographed a Pawari Tribal Performance.
Shruchet Jayatheerth

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