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Nishchal Dua

Nishchal Dua Floats Remote Life with his Travel Experience

Over the last few years, Nishchal Dua has built 2 companies and traveled 7 countries in a row. His mission is to help people in changing their work lifestyle. A few months back, he was at the Mt. Everest Base Camp and real inspiration for Remote Life came from there. In addition to it, he is a serial entrepreneur, frequent traveler and trekking freak. With The Remote Life, he is aiming for a diverse, balanced group with people from different backgrounds, experiences and regions. Everyone is verified through public social profiles and the founder himself makes sure to personally call up before finalizing the participants. A Journalist Reveals interviewed him about his experience in traveling to different places. Excerpts:

How was your childhood? Did you get to travel often during childhood?

I am an Army kid! Travel is all we did. I am used to moving to a new place every 3 years and go to a new school, make new friends. Adventure and travel was a daily thing for me. I have grown up doing parasailing and rock climbing as my weekend fun with friends.

Nishchal Dua
Nishchal Dua

When did the travel bug bite you?

It’s not a bug. A bug is something you can get and can’t get rid of. I love change and travel is one way for me to experience different things and meet different people. That’s all I want to do.

Did you travel alone during your bachelorhood?

Extensively. I have done countless solo trips and also solo treks across India. I have traveled all of South India on my own, but I’m never alone. I end up finding people along the way and making things work.

Are you married? How do you travel now?

No no no! Not married, not going to be for some time. 🙂

What are the problems faced by bachelors, while traveling alone? How do you solve them?

Everyone has their own problems. For bachelors specifically, it is the public perception. Most people look down at you and don’t trust you easily. It’s difficult to back pack and meet local people because they are not very receptive of a single male traveling alone.

You have been traveling a lot and must have observed others while traveling. What are the problems faced by women, while traveling alone? How do you solve them?

Plenty!! Women face so many problems that I really appreciate each and every one that I have met on my journeys. And the problems are caused by us. Women have trouble finding the right accommodation – because either people are too eager to have them stay or downright against it. The staring and harassment at every possible task – standing in a queue to catch a train, sitting alone in the bus – you name it. I honestly don’t know how they handle it. All I have seen is that they are strong and don’t take shit from anyone. On our part, we can just try to be better people. I remember Emma Austin – British 22 year old who just took off on a 1 way ticket to Vietnam. She spent the next 8 months travelling all over South East Asia alone and I met her on the Mt. Everest Base Camp trek in Kathmandu. You could look at her and tell that she has seen the world and survived it. Hats off to her!

Nishchal Dua with Travel-Mates
Nishchal Dua with Travel-Mates

Do you have any other advice for women traveling alone?

Don’t worry. There is an equal number of good and bad people out there. Take the leap of faith.


Keep your guard up, always. Have a working phone with internet at all times along with a rape whistle.

Keep a doorstop with you always. Don’t tell people where you’re staying for the night.

Keep your family/friends updated at all times. Be respectful of the local culture and traditions even if you don’t agree with them. Find good company and take tips from travelers on the road.

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