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Ayansh needs help
Ayansh needs help

Ayansh needs help

Today, A Journalist Reveals would like to introduce someone, who is in need of help. Ayansh needs help. Details follow:

Ayansh needs help

Ayansh needs help
Ayansh needs help

Toddler Ayansh Madan, is suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). His parents are looking for help to save their child’s life. SMA is a genetic disease, rare in nature. It affects the nerves and muscles and as a result, the child is unable to carry out the most basic day-to-day activities. SMA is also the leading cause of death among children across the world.
Ayansh Madan needs Zolgensma injection for further treatment, which costs 16 Crore rupees. As a middle-class family, the child’s parents are not able to pay the expenses of the treatment. This post is an appeal to our readers, who are philanthropists, for help to save Ayansh Madan’s life.
You can also support Ayansh by contributing to the cause, by donating here.

For any query or information, you can contact the following numbers:

Praveen Madan (Father) – 9717740331 

Vandana Madan (Mother) – 9717741714 

Pawan Kamboj – 9990412928

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