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News Shuttle Review

A Journalist Reveals has been on the lookout for a comprehensive publication for children, in the last few months. Then, through a friend, we found News Shuttle.


News Shuttle

I have personally been brought up by my parents on such children’s publications like Chandamama, Amar Chitra Katha, Indrajal Comics and some Disney Publications. These magazines helped my parents bring me up with the right moral values. For news, I had to stick to popular newspapers for older people.

Only a few of the above exist at the current time. Recently, a friend told me about News Shuttle and I contacted them for complimentary copies for review. They obliged and I received the couriered packet yesterday. When I went through the copies, was I impressed! The newspaper consists of several interesting stuff, which can be useful for children, like news, poems, etc. Children are also encouraged to share their works like poems. There are often contests for them as well.

News Shuttle


I would share suggestions for the newspaper to aim at a higher level toward perfection. One of them would be to add some spirituality into it, to instill moral values in the children. I don’t mean that the newspaper lacks spirituality. I am saying this from a holistic perspective. There are several stories in mythology that can be shared with children to bring home the right way of living. I don’t just mean Hindu mythology. There is so much out there in the scriptures of all the religions. This is one thing.

Another thing is that some children’s books promote girlfriend-boyfriend relationships. Little girls and boys as small as 3 and 5 tend to strike up these relationships. If this attitude is broken by the newspaper, by telling them that they need maturity to get into these kinds of relationships, it will help India.

Children are also vulnerable to the wrong touch, may they be boys or girls. Besides, as evident from the Nirbhaya case, minors are getting involved in crimes. The onus of stopping them from getting into the muck of crime lies on the parents and publications like these that cater to children.


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