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Fat to Fit – Neelanjan Banerjee’s Inspiring Journey

Today, we bring you – Fat to Fit – Neelanjan Banerjee’s Inspiring Journey. This young man is an inspiration to several people, who have been body-shamed due to their obesity. Kudos to him!


You started off as a software engineer. Tell us about your fitness journey.

Motivation comes from surroundings. It does not come one day and tell you start weight loss. I was fat from childhood. My 10 +2 and college life were spent with people calling me Fat instead of Neelanjan. People laughed at me and made jokes on my name. Only teachers and professors called me properly. I decided to lose my bulk after getting my job. I began working out at the office gym and got proper guidance. My body structure started changing and came to a proper shape. This motivation was enough for me to make me a Fitness Trainer as well as a bodybuilder. I began preparation for bodybuilding from 2018. In 2019, I began participating in bodybuilding competitions and won a gold in first competition, itself.  Please find my achievements –

  1. IBBFF Mr. UP – gold.
  2. IBBFF Mr. North India- 5th Position.
  3. IBBFF Mr. India- Top 15th Position.

Weight before loss: 87 kg

After weight loss: 62 kg, Took 4 months only.

After muscle gain my weight was 72 kg in 2018 and now it is 78 kg.

Is being healthy and being fit the same thing?

Most people think that healthy and fitness are same. But that is not true.

Health has been described via way of means of the World Health Organization as a country full of people, who are bodily, intellectually and socially well. It is now no longer simply the absence of disorder or infirmity. It consists of growing older well, longevity, greatness of life, freedom from ache, etc. Fitness, on the other hand, is described as a hard and fast of attributes that humans have or attain that pertains to carry out bodily activity. Fitness is made from many components and the subsequent elements need to be taken into consideration while discussing health levels.

Fat to Fit – Neelanjan Banerjee’s Inspiring Journey
Fat to Fit – Neelanjan Banerjee’s Inspiring Journey

Do you run fitness programs for others?

Yes, I run paid fitness program for others. I train people offline as well as online.

How do you manage your job as a software engineer and being fit, first-of-all?

It is very simple to maintain fit life along with job. I plan my workout routine before going to start my work as it gives freshness and energy while working. I always carry my meal bags with my office bag so that I do not skip my meals. If you do not make a proper daily routine, then you cannot balance work and lead a fit life.

How do you manage your fitness programs with your job?

Usually, I give plans to my clients for Monday-Friday and take online classes on weekends. So, every weekend they update me whole week’s progress in the online class. After verifying their progress, I suggest new plans or modifications in the existing plans.

What do you look forward to?

Right now, I am not planning to participate in any bodybuilding competitions. Am looking forward to growing in the IT sector as well as in the health sector, simultaneously. 


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