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Rohit Prasad, Co-Founder & Director, SRV Media and EaseBuzz
Rohit Prasad, Co-Founder & Director, EaseBuzz

EaseBuzz Helping Small and Medium Businesses Scale Up

It was the vision that inspired Rohit Prasad to start EaseBuzz. Rohit Prasad is the Co-Founder and Director of EaseBuzz. The vision is that they wanted to create value-added services along with payment gateways so that they could help small and medium businesses to scale up. Eventually, in the long run, it will become an end to end solution, they thought. They had seen a lot of SME businesses growing almost every year. Every year they were also adding more than 30% SME than the previous year. And currently, there are already 50 million SMEs in India, according to Forbes. So, they were majorly looking at this sector because we know that there are a lot of potentially good businesses, who are scaling up, getting funded and would need such technology solutions to scale at a lesser price. As of now, EaseBuzz is giving those solutions, value-added services, for free and planning to add on more value-added services to this sector so that they can create an edge over their competitors and stand out. A Journalist Reveals wanted to ask Rohit about EaseBuzz’s journey till now. Excerpts from the interview:


What is Easebuzz all about?

Easebuzz is a payment aggregator which allows you to go online with your business in just 24 hours.

Easebuzz as a name was incorporated as we wanted every business to go online (Digital) with ease! Our prime motive is to provide a platform by which the smallest of business can go online. The onboarding process is very simple. You just need to upload your PAN card and a bank proof online with few business details during sign-up. Once done, we verify and then your account is approved. Not only this, we also have many other USPs as below –

  1. Anyone can start a business online. Individuals especially face a lot of problem in getting online platforms and payment gateway. However, we allow even a homepreneur to scale business immediately with ease!
  2. Everything is free. We don’t charge any hosting, set-up or AMC.  We are only charging the transaction rates which are applicable to all payment modes such as – all debit cards, credit cards, Netbanking and UPI.
  3. Each business can have customized pricing. Most of the recent payment gateway companies charge a flat fee. However, in Easebuzz we charge as per business volumes and business category. For example, If you are running a dance academy then the pricing for you is different in Easebuzz from a person who has a retail shop.
  4. Customize payments and establish loyalty – Easebuzz allows you to customize offerings to your customers through payment link solution. You can create offers, discounts and coupons corresponding to your products and accept online orders. The best part is that this link would only be visible to individual customers and is not public! Loyal customers can be given this extra privilege.
  5. Maximum payment options- Easebuzz allows you to have 100+ payment options. We have 70+ netbanking options, all debit cards, all credit cards and UPI to transfer money from one account to another.

To be continued…

Rohit Prasad, Co-Founder & Director, SRV Media and EaseBuzz
Rohit Prasad, Co-Founder & Director, EaseBuzz

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