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Oye Happy Review
Oye Happy Review

Oye Happy Review

Recently, someone from the marketing team of the gifting company Oye Happy contacted us for a barter deal leading to a review of their products. We were given coupon code and were asked to buy whatever we wanted from the website. We are a mug-freak and so we bought some mugs from the website. So, here’s Oye Happy Review.

Oye Happy Review

It took us some time to get our footing on the website. Being the peak time of our work just before Navaratri, we were occupied with it when the coupon code was sent to us. But, we selected a Talkative Mug, a Happy Mug and 2 personalized mugs and placed the order. We received the Talkative Mug (which came with a felt pen and an eraser) immediately. But, we had been receiving messages on our cellphone that some information is required to complete the personalized mugs.

We went back to the order but were unable to understand what was to be added. Thus, we had to contact the marketing team to find out what was the issue. Soon enough, we got a call and a mail from the design team and we were asked for more information for the Happy Mug, which I ordered for Mom. Only some information in the contact form had the red star, which meant that they were essential. We had left the other information blank, thinking that they can be done without. For the personalized mug, one word had to be chosen, which was a gift for me – my first name, Gayatri.

The design team had requested the information for the Happy Mug and more pictures for the personalized mugs. We shared the remaining information for the Happy Mug and instructed the team to do with the pictures already sent. Due to a slight miscommunication, the pictures were mixed up and we received the mugs that way. We contacted the marketing team, again and the issue was sorted out through a call from the design team. They also sent an additional gift, which we had not ordered maybe for the inconvenience caused.

Oye Happy Review

Overall, it was a good experience for us thanks to the coordination and patience of the marketing and design teams. But, we would request the design team to be a little clearer on the personalized mugs in their form, particularly that there is only one design template and that they need as many pictures as the number of letters in the chosen word. They should also place the red asterisk near all the information required for the Happy Mug. Nonetheless, the mugs are beautiful and impressive and we believe that everybody should buy at least one mug or any of the wide range of gifting stuff.

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