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Wrist and Hand Exercises
Wrist and Hand Exercises

Wrist and Hand Exercises

Technology has progressed a lot, what with the development of computers and mobiles. Many people are at their devices for major parts of the day. Besides, there are several others, who work with a paper and pen/pencil and/or canvas and paint like students and artists. All of them have to move their hands for their chosen tasks.

Wrist and Hand Exercises

A Journalist Reveals realized that these people might be overexerting their limbs to complete their tasks and was on the lookout for some relief from the stress. That is when we came across Dr. Rishi Raj and he was kind enough to share a video of some wrist and hand exercises to counteract the strain on the important limbs of our body. Following is the video:

About Dr. Rishi Raj

Dr. Rishi Raj (PT) is the has been working as a HOD of the Physiotherapy and Physical Rehab Department at Pro Care Wellness and Lifestyle Clinic, Kolkatta.

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Eugene Chystiakov from Pexels

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A double post-graduate (MSc. - Botany and MA - English Literature) Gayatri T Rao is a Senior Multimedia Journalist with vast experience in writing on varied topics.

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