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Sleuthing and Geometry

My daughter, Gayatri, wrote this poem, Sleuthing and Geometry,when she was in the ninth grade. She liked to read mystery stories and wanted to become a sleuth or a detective. She has done well for herself because she has become a journalist, combining her sleuthing ability and writing talent.


Sleuthing and Geometry

By Gayatri T Rao

If when in Geometry, we have a hint to prove a rider or something,

It’s like getting a clue while sleuthing.

To get the year’s Geometry exam paper is to get a new case to solve.

And to calculate a sum is to try crack down a criminal.

When we do not get the answer,

The solution of the mystery is too far away.

While, on the other hand, if we get it;

It’s like taking a criminal into custody.


About Vidhyalakshmi Rao

Vidhyalakshmi Rao is a veteran writer and has written several articles in English, Hindi and Tamil.

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