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Powerful Bhadrakali

Powerful Deity at Bhadhrakali Temple

Hindu Mythology has it that Shiva is the body and Shakti is the power inside the body. Today we at A Journalist Reveals would like to introduce this Shakti temple in a suburb of Mumbai. The main deity being Bhadhrakali, it is very powerful. The moment we enter the temple, people sensitive to such powers get a small jerk, which is an experience of the power of the main deity. Other than this main deity, Ganapathy, Nagar, Ayyapan, Shiva and Subramanya idols are also present there. We spoke to the late founder’s son, Ayyanvar Pramod Viswambharan to gain more information about the sacred place at Bhayandar (W), Mumbai.
Can we have a small gist of the history of the temple?
My dad was into construction business. So after the construction of this building named as Shree Bhadrakali Darshan, there was a message in his dream that he had constructed the building in Her name (Bhadrakali) but where would the people get the Darshan of Shree Bhadrakali. So he had to provide some place for Her also. And in this way the temple was built around the year 1989, as per the Goddess’ wish.
What kind of career have you taken? How can you give enough time for the temple?
I am a system engineer by profession. But since the temple is built by my father, I looking after it. I am also in business since 14yrs. We specialize in computer hardware, software and cc TV cameras installation along with sales n service for the same. I have no time but have to adjust it accordingly.
What poojas do you perform in the temple?
We perform poojas like Devi preeti pooja, guruthi, udayasthamana pooja and many more.
There is so much black magic going on around the world. What are the pariharas for the same? What is moot? What are the different types of moot? How does it work?
There is a lot of black magic going on nowadays but at the same time we have to believe in the all powerful Devi also.
When it comes to Bhadrakali, every impossible thing is possible. No evil can stand before Bhadrakali and she has the power to destroy all evils.
In modern times most of the people don’t believe in black magic and all. But still they exist because of the selfishness and attitude of human beings.
Muttarikal is type of pooja that removes all obstacles that had been tied to us due some of the products we use daily, like e.g. hand kerchief, our pen, etc. on which the black magic has been performed.
Certain types of ties are for business, money, marriage and mainly about money. The black magic prevents the progress of the individual on whom it has been performed, in those areas. So Muttarikal is a process to remove these type of ties.
If some major problem is apparent while Muttarikal is performed, there then we perform a stronger pooja called guruthi (a solution performed with artificial blood as per tantrik vidhi).

Powerful Bhadrakali
Powerful Bhadrakali

What future projects or expansions of the temple are you planning?
There are no expansions further in the offing. But yes it will be as per the Goddess’ wish. because her power is eternal in that place. If she wants to then she will make us do it.

Address: Shree Bhadrakali Devaswom Trust, Shree Bhadrakali Road, Off Station Road, Bhayandar West, Thane – 401 101

Tel. No. : 022 64462926


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