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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Event

We at A Journalist Reveals were invited for the launch of Stuffed Crust Pizzas from Pizza Hut by Hitaishi Chaudhary from their PR agency Text 100.


Her mail read:

Stuffed Crust Pizza
Stuffed Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut cordially invites you on a gastronomic journey with gooey scrumptious pizzas and soft delicious stuffed crusts. Gear yourself for the ultimate food adventure.

Our Take: The event was held in Pizza Hut’s Phoenix Market City outlet in Mumbai. First of all like all malls, this mall is also vast and finding the venue took some time. However, the waste of time looking for the place was compensated by the fantastic menu available on demand at the venue.


The main reason for their organizing this event was the launch of the stuffed crust pizzas. We were told by the organizers that many people eat the topping portion and leave the crust, while eating a pizza. To avoid wastage of the crusts, this new type of pizza has been invented by the Pizza Hut Chefs.

There was a video presentation by the chef, who could not be present at the event. He explained the requirement of this kind of pizza.

There are 3 types of stuffings in pizzas, here – Veg Kebab, Masala Chicken Sausage and Cheese Max. We are vegetarians, so we had only vegetarian pizzas.

Garlic Breads
Garlic Breads

Let’s begin from the beginning. We first had Spicy Supreme Garlic Bread loaded with mozzarella cheese. We liked the gooey taste. Then we had Classic Italian thin crust pizza with onion, tomatoes and olives as toppings. This was crispy and tasty with oregano and chilli flakes added on top. We also had the Veg. Exotica from the Cheese Max range of stuffed crust pizzas –having red capsicum, green capsicum, jalapenos and baby corn. Lastly, we had Paneer Delight again from Cheese Max range with veg seekh kebab stuffing. Both the stuffed crusts that we ate had soft stuffing in the crust. We also had Masala Lemonade in between.

These pizza varieties are available o Pizza Hut’s online ordering website and the mobile app.

Prices: Masala Lemonade – Rs.85, Spicy Supreme Garlic Bread – Rs.99, Italian Classic – Rs.249, Cheese Max – Veg. Exotica – Rs.249 and Cheese Max – Paneer Delight – Rs.249.


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