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Things Needed to Know Before Buying a Mattress

Buying stuff for your home could get hectic and confusing, sometimes. Particularly, when it comes to mattresses, discretion needs to be the buzz word. So, what are the Things Needed to Know Before Buying a Mattress? Let’s ask an expert. Uttam Malani – Executive Director, Centuary Mattress, tells us, how to deal with this jeopardy.

Things Needed to Know Before Buying a Mattress

A good night’s sleep holds immense importance in an individual’s life as it impacts not only the next day but also your health. Therefore, finding a mattress that meets all your needs is a huge step toward getting a good night’s sleep. While making this decision, people need to understand that what works for one person may not work for somebody else. Different factors need to be considered while buying a mattress, but myths and confusion lead people to buy the wrong one.

Here’s a little guide on buying the right mattress:

  1. A commonly asked question is should one buy a hard mattress or a mattress with a soft feel?Both hard and soft mattresses come with their own set of benefits.

Hard mattress

Sleeping on a firm mattress keeps the back and spine aligned. It provides proper support for the back and body as the mattress absorbs pressure, relieving the stress from muscles and veins. The body weight gets distributed evenly on a firm mattress, which keeps the lower back safe. They are preferable for their durability as well.

Soft mattress

Softer mattresses are for younger people with flexible spines and less body weight. These mattresses are usually foam mattresses or foam mattresses with springs in their core. The soft and bouncy surface helps relax and align hips and has proven great for light sleepers, as spring technology promises zero disturbance.

2. Another confusion among people is whether to buy a spring, foam or hybrid mattress. The ideal mattress solution may differ from person to person as it depends on age, weight and other factors. Let’s take a closer look at the features of each type of these mattress.

Foam mattresses are designed to support your body shape, while spring mattresses distribute the weight well. Foam mattresses are soft and easily available online with bed-in-a-box packaging and offer motion isolation as they absorb movement. On the other hand, spring mattresses have been around for a while and are comparatively cheaper. They provide great support as the coils support the weight without giving that sinking-into-the-bed feeling.

Today, there is also the option of a hybrid mattress that offers the best of foam and spring mattresses. It has multiple layers of foam and spring, built with a perfect blend of cushion and firmness. They have multiple layers of memory foam, polyurethane foam, latex, gel-infused foam, micro springs, etc. Hybrid mattresses are good for joint and back support and pressure point relief. They also have a pocket coil support system and cooling features.

3. Will an orthopedic mattress address back and neck issues? Orthopedic mattresses are a specialized type of firm mattress. They relieve back pain, maintain natural spine alignment, and give firm support, especially for pressure points like the neck, shoulders, and hips.

These mattresses are best suited for people with back pain, chronic conditions, injury recovery patients, senior citizens and athletes. Other benefits of an orthopedic mattress include pressure relief and lumbar support.

4. Some questions have a simple answer and yet need to be in the knowledge of common people. Such as, will a foam mattress lose its shape? What is the average life of a mattress, or when to replace the mattress? The average life of a mattress is 6-7 years, but there are products in the market which are offering warranty periods of up to 10 years.

5. With mattresses available online, people often ask if they should buy a mattress online or visit a store. While buying mattresses online may also be a good option, though the touch and feel factor plays an important role in decision-making. It is better to experience the mattress at a retail store and take the decision.

These were some commonly asked questions and confusion among people planning to buy a mattress. Before buying a mattress, understand what your body needs and then decide.

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