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Trip to Pali Beach Resort

Recently, we went for a Trip to Pali Beach Resort. Here’s how we began the journey.


Trip to Pali Beach Resort

The past 2 years have been harrowing experiences for all of us. Stress and tension have been reigning at its peak. Last month, we decided to visit a resort to unwind. We booked a room for the 3 of us – my husband and my daughter with me. The name of the resort is Pali. That can be a confusing word because there are 2 of them, within 20 kms of each other – Pali Village Resort and Pali Beach Resort.

Due to the similarities in the first name, we landed in Pali Village Resort. We realized the mistake when the person at the reception requested us to pay for the 48 hours’ stay. But we had already paid for the stay and produced the pdf copy of the receipt from MakeMyTrip.

Luckily, we found the phone number of Pali Beach Resort in the receipt and called them. They sent us the location of the place via WhatsApp and we booked an ola for the travel to the place. It took us about an hour to reach the place.

We often tend to deride technology. But we need to understand that everything, including technology, can be misused. This expedition could have been a distressing one for us, but for technology. First, online booking on MakeMyTrip and the receipt helped us to realize that we had reached the wrong place. Secondly, WhatsApp location map helped us locate the right place. Thirdly, online aggregator cab service – Ola took us to both the places.

To be continued…


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