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Riddle Answer

Riddle Answer

The answer to the riddle posted yesterday is here:


Schools follow different rules on how they pass the students. Some students pass with flying colors. Some kids are promoted and some just fail. According to the promotion rules of each school, a student can be promoted with a few grace marks in a varying number of subjects. Getting promoted can become a regular habit with certain students.

These students do not pick up even life skills and end up in petty jobs like errand boys in grocery shops. We have seen them regret not having studied. Most of them have a defective upbringing, though some students make it big despite faulty nurture by parents. It is the duty of the parents to inculcate the best education in their children. Otherwise, they do not have the right to give birth to even one child.

Some parents bring up their rowdy boys by teaching cuss words. One such rowdy boy was abusing an elderly woman while they were playing one evening. Another boy asked why he was using the cuss word, repeatedly. The first boy said, “Tomorrow is my Science paper. If I verbally abuse the elderly lady in our building, I will pass.”

What kind of studying is this?


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