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On Human Rights Day – 2021

On Human Rights Day – 2021, we have a quote from transwoman actor, Naaz Joshi. But do quotes make any difference in real life? Pondering! 🤔


“It’s 2021 and we are still celebrating human rights day on social media but do we have access to our rights? Female feticide and infanticide happening almost on daily basis, rapes, dowry system, child labour, no access to best medical facilities for poor. When these happen, where do trans people stand? Trans people are still not allowed in posh pubs and malls where we are subject to bullying. We keep saying in capital letters on social media trans lives matter, but no one has even the statistics on how many trans women are killed in the world every day. What’s worse is our government doesn’t consider us humans, because we aren’t their vote banks!”

That’s really strong. Is anyone listening?


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