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A Room at Hotel Veer Park
A Room at Hotel Veer Park

Hotel Veer Park Review

A Room at Hotel Veer Park
A Room at Hotel Veer Park

The 3 of us girls again had some work in Panvel, Navi Mumbai. So, we decided to stay at a hotel and complete the work. We found a website called OYO Rooms, online and we booked a highly discounted room in Hotel Veer Park. The hotel looked tempting on the website.

On the day we checked in, the security personnel were very cooperative and took our luggage to the ground floor reception. But, when we reached there, the hotel staff had not decided the room, which they would allot to us. Since we were 3 ladies, they asked us to select the room from the available ones.

The stairs were a little steep and would definitely be an issue for older people. When we went to the second-floor rooms, we realized that a third individual with us would have to take a mattress only to sleep. We took the more accommodative room on the second floor. But, the door and the washroom were at an elevated position from the main portion of the room, which again was a problem even for us.

The room boys were not very efficient. We had to call and search for them to get small things done. I tried to sleep on the mattress, which was very soft and uncomfortable. The youngest among us volunteered to lay there. But, the moment she sat on it, she rolled over and her head hit the wall very hard. We were worried about her. However, she handled the pain very well since she is young. Finally, my other friend sat on it with a lot of care and was able to take the mattress for the night.

Wild Flying Insects
Wild Flying Insects

The washroom was a bit slippery. The geyser was not working and we had to manage with cold water for bathing. Nobody bothered to get it repaired. We had to very strongly insist on it. Then, they brought a water heater. Whenever the main door of the room opened, wild flying insects came into the room from the open windows in the balcony. We suggest that they fix a mosquito window over there.

Wifi was miserable. The reception staff insisted that there were 700 channels available. But, we did not get even the news channels on TV, properly. The person, who came to help us with the TV, said that they did not subscribe to many channels because people did not watch much TV over there.

However, the best among the rest was the restaurant. We got complimentary vegetarian breakfast and we enjoyed it the most.

Price: Rs. 5603/-

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