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Mahalaya Paksha
Mahalaya Paksha Sharddha

Mahalaya Paksha

A Journalist Reveals have been trying to find more information on the concept of the Mahalaya Paksha among Hindus since last year. Currently, Mahalaya Paksha is going on. It began from September 24-25 and it will continue till the coming Tuesday, October 9. We, finally, got in touch with K Radhakrishna Bhat from Aaditya Consultancy.

Radhakrishna Bhat is an astrology expert, who is also a gemstone expert and a Past Life Regression Therapist. The following video interviews with him explain the concepts of birth, death and Mahalaya Paksha in Hinduism.

Radhakrishna Bhat – 9869522986/9820413397.


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