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Awesome Navaratri Feedback
Awesome Navaratri Feedback

Awesome Navaratri Feedback

A Journalist Reveals has been on the lookout for South Indians celebrating Navaratri with golu or koluvu. We came across Shobha Ratnakar from Bangalore, who has received awesome Navaratri feedback from visitors to her home during the festival. She has an issue common with most of us – the dearth of space. We had a small tête-à-tête and are sharing some excerpts here:

Awesome Navaratri Feedback
Shobha Ratnakar

Awesome Navaratri Feedback:

This is what Shobha Ratnakar had to say about her golu:

My Mother-in-law was an avid collector of Navaratri items. I have been into it since the last 41 years. The collection at home got me involved and I was always fascinated by dolls. It’s really creative and every time I handle them I think of the creativity and the love that’s gone into creating them. Fortunately, my family loves this activity and gets involved in it. I really wish I had more space so I could have thematic arrangements.

Every year it is new and the experience is unique. Children generally are dumbstruck with the collection and find some or the other part more interesting. Generally, folks are speechless. Then, the admiration starts. The appreciation is for the varied collection and tasteful arrangements.

People do recognize the effort and love that’s gone into it. Many visitors bring back their friends or acquaintances, who are interested in looking at our collection. Once a friend of mine who saw this was so impressed that she gave me an heirloom wooden doll given to her by her mother. It was apparently around 100 years old.

Awesome Navaratri Feedback
Awesome Navaratri Feedback

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