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Lord Krishna’s Palanquin

By Riddhima Gupta Lord Krishna’s Palanquin procession in Mussoorie After Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Mussoorie, the queen of the hills, Lord Krishna’s Palanquin is taken in a procession on the subsequent Sunday. In Mussoorie, the procession of Lord Krishna’s Palanquin has been a tradition for the last 142 years. The ...

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Questions from our Readers – September 2021

A Journalist Reveals received some questions from our readers, this month as well. Our Resident Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli replies to Questions from our Readers – September 2021 in this post. I am a divorcee and I had remarried. Now, my second marriage is also about to break. What is ...

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Janmashtami 2021

Janmashtami is a traditional festival celebrated with fervor by several Hindus, including my aunt, Vidhyalakshmi Rao’s family. Janmashtami 2021 was celebrated on a small scale at my aunt’s place, this year, what with the COVID pandemic taking the proportions, it has now. Here are a couple of pictures: Janmashtami 2021 ...

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Happy Independence Day 2021

Today is India’s 75th Independence Day. India is a democracy. One of the fundamental rights of Indians is the freedom to health. With the coronavirus pandemic going on, health is a major issue on our minds. Vaccination is an important part of remaining healthy. So, I am posting some pictures ...

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Holy Bath

Today, we are sharing something about the Holy Bath that is performed after the Lord and His Consort play Holi with us at our home. After we play Holi with the Lord, He and His Consort have to be given a Holy Bath. During the olden days, the Holy Bath ...

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Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021

Today, A Journalist Reveals is sharing the information on Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021. This is a short description on how we celebrated the festival amidst corona pandemic and night curfew. Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021 Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021 Last year itself due to the ...

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Govatsa Dwadashi

Today’s post is about Govatsa Dwadashi. Here’s how it is celebrated. Govatsa Dwadashi The day after Rama Ekadashi is Govatsa Dwadashi. According to our convenience, we can visit a cowshed to worship cows and calves, on this day. Otherwise, we can keep the idol or picture of a cow and ...

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