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Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021

Today, A Journalist Reveals is sharing the information on Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021. This is a short description on how we celebrated the festival amidst corona pandemic and night curfew.

Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021
Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021

Corona and Holi Celebrations – 2021

Last year itself due to the implementation of lockdown, less number of people had celebrated the festival. People suffering from COVID19, could not celebrate the festival, this year as well. But, we celebrated the mini-Holi festival like others on Sunday, March 28, 2021. We have a small terrace leading to backside of our flat and we lighted a mini-Holi there.

mini-Holi at home

But, we regretted that we could not go out, even to get things to be dropped into the fire. We used the stuff available at home. It burned for 4 and a half hours like a large Holi fire and smoked for 2 and a half hours. The next morning, we saw that the ashes that remained had the texture like if it had been on a larger pit.

On the morning of the main Holi day, we offered the ashes to Lord Shiva as an abhisheka. This was really auspicious as the day was a Monday. We played Holi with Radha Rasbihari with turmeric and sandal water, roli water and dry colors and applied the colors on our forehead. Then, we offered Aarti to the Lord.

To be continued…

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