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Aahoyi Ashtami

Aahoyi Ashtami

We had shared information about Karva Chauth and immediately posted about Dhan Triyodashi. We are, now, sharing information about festivals falling in between these 2 days.


Today, we are sharing about Aahoyi Ashtami that falls after Karva Chauth. On Karva Chauth, the wellbeing of the husband is prayed for. On the other hand on Aahoyi Ashtami, ladies pray for the long life and health of their children. They also perform pooja of Aahoyi Mata. Either a framed photograph is hung on the wall and kept permanently in their home. Or they buy a photograph every year and stick it on the wall. They worship this photo and consign it to water after the pooja. Even people may make a sketch with geru on the wall and worship it.

Aahoyi Ashtami

Method: The vrata for Aahoyi Mata is done in the entire day. In the evening, after stars have risen, ladies draw the Aahoyi on the wall and perform pooja of it. They place a small wooden stool in front of Aahoyi Mata and spread a red cloth on it. Either jow or wheat grains are spread on it. On that, a kumbha with water is placed. On that, a plate is placed and a silver Aahoyi pendant is placed. 2 pure pearls are also kept on it. Some sweet poha and a little dakshina are also placed on the plate.

A flower garland is offered to the photograph and roli, rice grains and flowers are offered to the silver pendant. Milk-rice dish is offered as naivedyam.

Take 7 wheat grains in your hand and listen to the story. After that, the pendant and the pearls should be worn in a chain around the neck of the person performing the pooja. The sweet poha and dakshina should be offered to the mother-in-law of the person performing the pooja and ask her blessings. If she does not have a mother-in-law, these offerings can be given to any other older woman.

We will share the story in the next post.

To be continued…


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