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Mahalaya Amavasya

Sarva Pitru Shardha
Sarva Pitru Shardha

Last 15 days were considered as Pitru Paksha by the Hindu Community. Today, we performed Sarva Pitru Shardha and sent off our Pitrus to the heaven after taking blessings from them. Some people perform it at home. Some people engage community halls to perform it. It is also performed in Ashrams, Mathas and temples.

Sarva Pitru Shardha
Sarva Pitru Shardha

We also went to a nearby temple to perform it. Dad performed Pindha Shardha with some other Brahmins. One pundit helped them perform the Shardha together.

Sarva Pitru Shardha
Sarva Pitru Shardha

We should be thankful to the temple authorities for providing this facility for our community.

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