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Raelians Meeting on Sunday
Raelians Meeting on Sunday

Raelism, an Interesting Modern Religious Movement

Rishi Gangoly contacted A Journalist Reveals, suddenly one day on Linkedin and asked us if we could help him spread the word about Raelism, a new religion. His message on Linkedin said, “I’m part of the Raelian Movement. I was wondering if you can put me in touch with a journalist who would like to write about such a movement.” He also gave 2 links – and We clicked the links and saw something really interesting in them and thought why not share the information on our website itself? Here are the excerpts from the interview with Rishi.


What led Rael to form this religion?

Rael was contacted by a visitor from another planet. This visitor gave Rael a message to be made known to all humanity. Rael created the Raelian Movement so that he could fulfil the entrusted mission.

Who were the first members?

People who saw him speak on TV about the encounter and those who read his books were the first members.

What are your usual activities?

The same as any other person, we get up, go to work, spend time with our families and so on. We also meditate on a daily basis.

Pls. explain the 1-minute meditation for peace‘.

Meditate for peace by sending love to the whole planet and particularly to heads of state so that we may have peace on Earth. We do this several times a day meditating for 1 minute each.

Do you think the Elohim are harmless for us?

The visitor that met with Rael, explained that they, the Elohim, are our creators, as stated in many ancient religious scriptures. In most books, they are called Gods or God. In the original Hebrew Bible, they are called by their name, Elohim. They are our parents from space. And the visitor that met with Rael was a kind and respectful person. He also explained that any civilization capable of interstellar travel would have also acquired the means to self-destruct if they are not capable of controlling their aggressive instincts and that if they hadn’t done so by then, it means that those who are able to travel beyond their solar system are peaceful.

What are the fundamental requirements for the welcome of the Elohim?

The first requirement is that we have peace among all nations of Earth. The second requirement is that we build an embassy for them in a country that wishes to welcome them. The Embassy should have extraterritoriality status as all other embassies.

What is Paradism? Why is it necessary to make a world without work? Work is something good, right? Without it, people will become lazy.

Paradism refers to paradise on Earth, where human beings can fulfil themselves without the need to work to make a living. What Paradism aims to is to eliminate the need to work for a boss in order to earn some meagre wages which are barely enough to keep alive. People can work at whatever they like in a Paradist society. They can also continue studying, do research, work in the arts, do sports, write books, spend time with their families and raise their children, whatever fulfils them and which can help humanity as a whole.

Is it really just 3 months left to our self-destruction?
The 3 months refers to the date when the Nuclear Ban Treaty was to be signed (July 7th at the United Nations) at the start of our campaign. On September 20th, the Nuclear Ban Treaty will be ratified by the signatories and those who did not sign before can do so by this date. See for further information.

What is the one problem plaguing the world and how can it be solved?

The main problem would be a lack of love, followed by the pursuit of a profit. A lack of love means that people don’t really care about each other or humanity in general. And a society based on economic goals for the acquirement of profits will always result in an unbalance, where a few people will end up with large fortunes and the majority of the population will end up living in poverty or near poverty level.

How many members are there now?

The Raelian Movement was founded in 1974 in France, a few months after the encounter between Rael, its founder and one of the Elohim, the scientists who created us. Since its founding, it has grown steadily and now counts more than 85,000 members in 104 countries and about 170 Guides who lead the activities of the Movement under the direction of the Prophet Rael.


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