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Amateur Artist Akanksha Tanwar Wants to Break into Business

Now-a-days, A Journalist Reveals is very active on Instagram. We found a fellow Insta influencer – @livingfor_passion, an interesting personality. When we contacted Delhi-Born Mysore-Resident Akanksha Tanwar, we found her art journey even more interesting. So, lo and behold – Amateur Artist Akanksha Tanwar Wants to Break into Business.

Amateur Artist Akanksha Tanwar Wants to Break into Business
Amateur Artist Akanksha Tanwar Wants to Break into Business

How did you get attracted to art?

Bare empty walls and unused plastic/cardboard boxes are my canvas to bring out my artistic side. This is the reason there are no empty walls at my home, no empty boxes to throw, as they say, ‘think before you throw’. My magic home is a curated collection of all things I find magical and beautiful among home decor. I try to showcase my decor ideas and, in the process, interact and exchange ideas with like-minded people. Brands have started reaching out to me for collaborations, which is not only surreal but also gives me validation for my work.

Have you studied art?

No. I’ve never taken classes for any kind of art. It’s been inherited from my Mom. She is a pro.

What is your educational background?

“Do what you love” – I have heard this line umpteen times since childhood, though I never quit the hold of this. I always found it catchy for the richy-rich and just the right word for cinema. After finishing my B. Tech in Electronics and Comm. and working with an IT firm, I felt like I was transforming into a robot doing exactly same thing over and over again. Guess what? I left the job.

Tell us something about your art journey.

A turning point came in my life when my kids were born. Since they were too small, my focus shifted to them. While living at home with kids, my love for plants grew. Then, I could ruminate on things. Simultaneously, I wanted to teach my girls to love nature and greenery. Extemporaneously, I decided to go for the makeover of my sweet home, make my home a beautiful jungle and share the idea with the everyone.

You have an interesting instagram page – @livingfor_passion. Tell us more about your insta journey.

It’s been close to 2 years since I started my insta venture with the idea I mentioned before and there is no looking back. Hey guys, its Akanksha here @livingfor_passion…. Before pursuing an idea of home decor I always present myself with a task to make that idea sustainable to house wives. I have made useable household items as my USP as it can be done with minimum investment and replaced without much burden. Now working for Trell app as well. I have 60k followers in my account there. I make DIY videos for Trell.

Any advice for readers.

My advice for everyone out there is, “Listen to your small voice inside. Invest some time in activities that make you happy. Even if you aren’t achieving anything out of it, you should do them. The fact remains that you are spending time on something in which you are interested. No matter how many easier options you may have in life, the happiness of achieving your dreams is beyond words. It could be difficult in the beginning, but trust me it’s worth it.”  

What are you planning for the future?

I am planning to start my own business in home decor. I have lots of ideas.


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