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Arif Zakaria and Aman Verma

A Bond Forever

Ask someone who does not have a brother or a sister. Though a cousin can fill the void, cousins don’t live together all through childhood and only meet during vacations perhaps. At the same time, the sister-sister or brother-brother equation is also there. But the brother-sister bond goes to a different realm altogether. It is not a male-thing. But the very act of your brother pulling your plait for fun or the little sister believing all the nonsense the elder brother would say has its own charms. Years later when the sister is married and has left the parental home, she looks back at the time spent with her siblings and tears of happiness and longing may well in her eyes while the brother would feel a pining in his heart to be with his sister. Such is the affection between siblings.

Arif Zakaria and Aman Verma
Arif Zakaria and Aman Verma

Coming from a theatre background actor Arif Zakaria is considered an accomplished actor in the TV and Hindi film circuit, while Aman Verma is famous for his anchoring skills and has done good work in TV serials and Hindi and Punjabi films.

Arif has 2 sisters besides a brother, while Aman has one younger sister. All of their sisters are married but pursuing their own careers as well. One of Arif sisters works for the media, while the other runs a law firm with her husband. Aman’s sister is a Kathak dancer and a classical singer.

For both being a brother is a great feeling. Arif actually reveals, “I am sandwiched between my 2 sisters, so it’s a good place to be!” Aman is proud of his sister too. He informs, “She is highly talented. I believe if we compare our talent, I have only 5% of her talent. But she is not aggressive. She does stuff for herself as an artist. She has not gone out to make money.”

Arif Zakaria
Arif Zakaria

Childhood Experiences: Childhood years are innocent ones. When you are older, you often look back with pride and still enjoy the purity and achievements of the younger years. Arif would bully his sisters all the time and get favours out of them! Though Aman says that he was not close to his sister, the brother-sister bond was always there. He adds, “This was because there was too much of competition. She was the topper and I was at the bottom at school. She would excel and I would lose out. Competition was fierce. But love and affection was there too. There were many great moments when we were growing up. I feel we have not missed anything.”

They would often have the typical brother-sister fights. Arif divulges, “Yes, we did. There’s always going to be fights and arguments in a household full of siblings.” Aman discloses, “Yes. Too much of it and I was at the receiving end. She would always get away.” (So sweet! 🙂 )

Coming from a progressive Muslim family, Arif’s sisters never had the typical restrictions of their religion. He insists, “Though we had a fairly conservative upbringing there was never a question of a veil being asked upon for my sisters.”

Aman Verma
Aman Verma

Current Relationship: Arif’s current relationship with his sisters is a friendly one. He says, “We respect and admire each other, though I don’t meet them often.” Aman says, “She is aggressive and dominating in her own way. I am protective of her like any other brother. It’s the typical stuff. She is married lady now, so we don’t meet as often. But when we meet the love and affection is always there. When caring for each other comes, it’s equal both ways. Kisi ka kam ya zyaada wali baat nahi hai (Our care for each other is not more or less than each other. It is equal).”

Message to the readers: Arif Zakaria: Siblings are the best gifts you get, so always stay in touch with them and love them.
Aman Verma: Love and protect your sister. The bond continues for life.

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