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Mission Pooja Dhabolkar

My aunt received information from a small town. A couple, after several years, got a male child. One astrologer had predicted that this couple had no children in their fate. If a child would be born, there will be some defect in it. The astrologer advised them to adopt a child. But, an old woman from the family insisted that God’s blessings are everything and if He thinks He can give the couple a child of their own. So, the couple went to several temples and performed a lot of sevas.


Thus, the couple begot one male child. They were very happy that the child did not seem to have any defect. Post 6-7 months, they found some undetectable abnormality in the child. The baby was not like a normal child. They went to different doctors, who only diagnosed breathlessness and treated the child, accordingly. The child did not recover from the abnormality.

Soon, the usual medical camp came to the town and the couple visited it with their child. The child was 1 ¼ year old, then. The couple showed all the medical reports and asked the doctors for any treatment that can be done for the child to recover. The doctors diagnosed that there was some issue with an internal organ and they told the couple to take the child to a bigger city.

The family came from lower middle class. But, they managed to arrange some money to travel to a bigger city and treat the child. Several medical tests later, the doctors concluded that there was a hole in the child’s heart. The medical experts told them to let the child grow to 5 years of age and then they would perform an operation for sealing the hole.

In the next 4 years, the condition of the child became worse. The child’s mother could not handle those years. But, they somehow collected the money for their child’s treatment and went back to the big city. The doctors told the parents clearly then, that they had not thought the child would not live till 5 years of age since the case was complicated.

To be continued…


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