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Yashaswini’s Thoughts

12 O’ Clock (Part XVI)

12 O’ Clock

We are continuing the following conversation from the previous part of this blog-post: Bittu requested, “Please try to convince my father. I want to celebrate Janmashtami this year. Didis, can you give me a 20 rupee note?” Sukhwinder was alerted, “Why do you want a 20 rupee note?” Bittu replied, ...

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12 O’ Clock (Part XV)

During our conversation, Bittu had asked about celebrating Janmashtami and his inability to convince his father about it. We told him to speak to his parents when they are in a good mood. We told him to try and convince his father through his mother. He asked, “My parents don’t ...

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Extremes of Disrepute

I had gone to a South Mumbai hospital to cover an event some 6 months back. I was waiting for someone at that time, sitting in the lobby. Then, I saw him. He would have been 13-14 years old. Probably his parents had left him in a wheelchair near the ...

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12 O’ Clock (Part XIV)

Bittu asked me with a naughty smile, “I have another doubt. Can I ask you about it? This is about Hindus. That is why I am asking you.” I told him, “Go ahead.” He said, “Always there is a small quarrel that is happening in our house. My Dad has ...

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12 O’ Clock (Part XIII)

I asked Bittu, “We have told you everything till export. Are you satisfied now?” He replied, “I have one doubt, now. Close to our home, there is an Arya Samaj Hall. Every Thursday, ladies perform Havana over there. In other temples, I have seen men performing these Havanas. What exactly ...

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12 O’ Clock (Part XII)

Bittu asked, naughtily, “Import is over. What is the facility for export?” I told him, “This is also a good query. It is a very difficult activity during calamities. Some or the other disease spreads due to animal and human filth present everywhere. Doctors visit such places in camps to ...

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12 O’ Clock (Part XI)

I added, “Some people donate new or old cradles for the kids in the calamity-stricken areas. Some people donate new or old cotton cloth to function as cradles. They perform these acts to accumulate piety.” Bittu naughtily rubbed his belly. Prem understood his gesture, “Beds and clothes are done with. ...

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12 O’ Clock (Part X)

Bittu was thoughtful. Prem asked him, “What are you thinking about?” He asked, “There might be several people affected by these calamities. Will the plastic, we have, be enough for all of them?” Prem counter-questioned him, “Do you want to go into social work? Why are you asking these questions? First, ...

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12 O’ Clock (Part IX)

I told them, “One of my students made a flowerpot out of a large 2-liter cool drink bottle. He cut the neck portion and made plastic strips out of some portion of the bottle. Then, he folded them over toward the outside, making beautiful flowerpots. Similarly, we can use these ...

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