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Powerful Online Reviews (Part II)

Today, let’s talk about Powerful Online Reviews (Part II) – How Online Feedback Shapes the Reputation of Hotels and Restaurants, by Rohit Maingi, Principal Founder of Bottles and Barrels.


Powerful Online Reviews (Part II)

Let us now have a look at the dark side of reviews.

The Dark Side of Reviews

There are obstacles and possible downsides to online reviews, even if they have empowered customers and enhanced service quality in many ways. Among them are:

Fake Reviews:

Online feedback’s credibility may be compromised by the proliferation of fraudulent reviews. Some companies use unethical tactics, such as producing bad reviews for their rivals or publishing fictitious ones.

The recent times have also seen the emergence of fly-by-night operators, who select gullible people to review places the later have never visited insisting on a 5 stars on Google play store and elsewhere. We are not sure who pays these temporary start-ups for their dubious work.

Review sites must thus make investments in algorithms and other technologies that can identify and eliminate bogus reviews.

Overreliance on Ratings:

Although star ratings offer insightful information, depending too much on them might oversimplify the decision-making process. Because of a single negative encounter, some reviewers could give the institution a poor rating that isn’t indicative of its overall quality.

“I now recognize the significant influence that internet reviews have on our reputation. The opinions of our customers are more than simply text on a page—they are the lifeblood of our business. Their experiences influence our narrative; thus, each review is an essential component of our success formula.” said Nidhi Kapoor, Desi Indian Handi’s founder.

Online reviews have a huge influence on how hotels and restaurants are perceived. When choosing where to dine or stay, customers are more and more likely to rely on the recommendations of their peers. This pattern emphasizes the value of providing exceptional customer service, actively participating in reviews, and being dedicated to resolving client complaints. Online evaluations help businesses grow, and in exchange, businesses provide customers with better experiences. It’s a symbiotic connection. Online reviews will always have an impact in a world where information is easily accessible, which makes them essential to the success of lodging and dining establishments in the digital era.


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