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Wet Smartphone

Tips for Wet Mobile Phones

Sorry friends, I did not post any article till now today. That is because since this morning, I was with a friend at her home. Her mother told her to fill some water in a bucket to water the plants. At that moment, she got a call on her smartphone. She picked up her smartphone and while speaking to another mutual friend on the other side in an animated manner, went to the bathroom to fill up the water.

Wet Smartphone
Wet Smartphone

Suddenly, she dropped the smartphone in the bucket full of water! After closing the tap and retrieving her phone, she ran out and told me about what happened to her dearest possession. We dropped all the work including watering the plants and made our way to the service centre. This is where I get all my tips.
So this time while repairing my friend’s phone, the technician at the service centre told us the following:
1. If your mobile becomes wet due to any reason, first of all don’t switch it on.
2. You should not charge it either because that might cause a short circuit.
3. Dry all the parts separately using cotton towels and if possible a hair dryer.
4. Then make a trip to the service centre to make sure everything is fine.


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