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HB’s Book Bank
HB’s Book Bank

HB’s Book Bank

Books are written for bookworms. But, today the number of bookworms is dwindling. The few readers take time off from their busy schedule for this activity. Some of these read books to review them. A Journalist Reveals found this startup called HB’s Book Bank, recently. It is a small initiative by Harshita Ashwani, an author and a keen bibliophile from Jhansi and Bharat Ahuja, a book reviewer from Satna. Their idea is laudable because it is a unique concept. Over to the founders of HB’s Book Bank, who tell us more about the startup:


What attracted you towards books?

Books are not just a reading material for me they’re a source of great knowledge and wisdom. I consider books as a part and parcel of my life as they keep on encouraging me during ups and downs in my life. I find various books that link to my life as they were written for me or in my life. Books with great cover and an amazing title are the ones, which attract the reader the most.

Harshita Ashwani

Tell us something about your startup?

Our startup; .i.e. HB’s Book Bank is an online books buy and sell platform for those who wish to buy books at a cheaper price. We think books can be reused and this may save a hundred trees, so we began with this ideology. Our platform has books of various genres which we wish to spread throughout the country with 0 delivery charges. This is even helpful for the reviewers who have hundreds of books, which they won’t read more than once, so this platform can make up their investment where they can sell their book and a bibliophile can buy it at a cheaper cost. Though we started it at a very low scale; we, as a team, wish to spread this idea all around the world.

Our book Bank’s link –

What inspired you to start the company?

I’m an author as well as a keen reader but sometimes I’m resistant to buy the books as their cost is too high. So this thought gave me an idea what if a reader who has read the book can resell their used book and a reader who wishes to buy it can save their money as well as delivery charges.

Bharat Ahuja

This seems to be something new. How do you plan to take your startup ahead? What are your future plans regarding your startup?

I know this platform can help various bibliophiles so I wish to spread it throughout India and thereby if it works we can go further and collaborate with other countries, too. Right now at this stage we as a team wish to spread the idea of reusing books amongst children and adults so that they may value such things like books that they have.

Tell us about your team members.

Currently, we’re just two who have never met in reality, we got in touch with each other through our reviewing platform and with the same aim of saving the environment and reusing books we established our book bank. 


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