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Taiwan offers India Support in Healthcare Industry
Taiwan offers India Support in Healthcare Industry

Taiwan offers India Support in Healthcare Industry

Currently, the entire world is facing a global crisis situation due to coronavirus. However, Taiwan offers India support in healthcare industry.

Taiwan offers India Support in Healthcare Industry

Taiwan is considered one of the best healthcare systems in the world scoring 78.72 out of 100 on the health care index, leading the other top five advanced countries like Korea, Japan, Austria and Denmark. Taiwan’s support has given India a strong partnership to face not just the current global crisis.

Taiwan has a progressive medical system, expansive health insurance system and its medical staff is well-trained to deal with any kind of medical crisis. The best healthcare system, advanced medical care, big data, R&D capabilities and high-quality clinical trials set the country apart from its international counterparts. Now, Indian companies and medical professionals can look at Taiwan for expert knowledge in the field.

Taiwan has exported high-quality medical materials to make a great contribution to the world. These materials include blood glucose monitors, contact lenses, assistive equipment, devices and accessories for dental and veterinary industries. The country has also hiked up the capacity for the R&D for materials and assistive devices for dental and bone implants for the elderly. These companies are Taiwan Excellence awardees.

Mark Wu, Executive Director of Taiwan External Trade Development Council’s (TAITRA) Strategic Marketing Department, said on Taiwan’s support to India’s healthcare industry, “Taiwan’s healthcare sector has been recognized globally with its high-tech precision equipment, professional medical team, and services. In the current scenario, India’s healthcare sector may need some co-operation and assistance in areas where it is concerned about dependence on China. As the healthcare industry is one of Taiwan’s signatures, we will continue to deliver innovations. We are also very keen to play a key role to maintain India’s healthcare sector during these difficult times.”

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